06 Succeeding On Safelists: Making Referrals

This article in the “Succeeding on Safelists” Series talks about different ad types.

There are many references to “Making Referrals”. I’ve taken some of the best questions, and provided some answers that may clarify for you what your next steps should be.

Safelist Success Q&A:

Question: How will I get the most benefit in referrals?

Answer: I can tell you what has worked for me.

* Upgrade to the highest level you can afford for the key initiatives you have chose

* You get better commissions and benefits when bringing in associates when you are at the higher membership levels.

* Place banners, text ads, and Solo ads for YOUR KEY INITIATIVES on each and every safelist where you have the opportunity to place ads

* Fully utilize DOWNLINE BUILDERS in each of the safelists where this feature is available.

* Select the safelists with the largest distribution or fastest growth, most frequent email distribution privileges, and greatest points for reading emails if you must be “choosey”

* Measure and Split Test EVERYTHING.

* Use Safelists to promote IM/MLM and Home-Based Business initiatives ads.

* Do NOT promote products for sale unless they have a Landing page (also known as Squeeze Page) to capture their email and name.

* Use Classified Blasters for non IM/MLM product ads

* Use Classified Ads to sell products. For instance, get free or inexpensive classifieds here

* Purchase Solo Ads, Guaranteed Sign-ups, and traffic only for your 1-2 KEY INITIATIVES

Question: So, where do I make referrals to?

Answer: To initiatives where you get the most advantage getting to your goals. An initiative with the greatest potential and best tools.

Question: Where is that? And why?

Answer: My choice:

* A two-step strategy that starts with Freedom Mails, GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads. Get them to upgrade to SuperJV.

* Then get them to sign up for WorldProfit (see my webpage at www.WebcastSource.com) as a free member.

* Get them to upgrade to SILVER to complete bootcamp and have a grasp of the concepts they will use. $99.95 for first month – you can cancel without penalty but you really need to give a chance.

Followup Question: Why Mad-Cow-Ads, Freedom Mails, and GiantProfitAds and the other sites in our Advertising Community?

Answer: It is free to sign up for our sites and a very low-cost upgrade to the highest level when you purchase the One Time Offers (OTO).

* First, you do the upgrade to SuperJV level yourself so you get better rewards by signing up people into your downline.

* Remember, YOUR SELFISH REASON is to build up the membership base at our sites is so you get the benefit of displaying YOUR ads to a larger base of members

* Members at our sites will likely be a “targeted audience” with the same interests.

* With a small but growing membership, your ads are more likely to get into rotations more often

* There is a greater opportunity to get passive income commissions from INCREASING LEVELS OF DOWNLINES

* Get your downlines to do the low-cost upgrades that get you some CASH and MORE AD SPACE without breaking the bank for ANYONE, including yourself.

Then the Advantages of WorldProfit
* The biggest reason is the Boot Camp Training. Excellent.

* 24×7 LIVE Business Center on video chat

* Excellent Tools and Products that WorldProfit has purchased for members (depends on membership level). Made available for free or discounted for paid members

* URL tracking. You notice all my links start with www.WebcastSource.com/? something. Absolutely invaluable

* In the meantime, use the tools and products available to YOU as a SILVER Member to get some CASH INFUSION

* Once you get them in your “Downline” as a free member, get them to sign up for a your favorite safelists and initiatives recommended by WorldProfit. More opportunity for passive income.

* Then suggest your DOWNLINE MEMBERS upgrade to SILVER or HIGHER

* There are SO MANY opportunities once you upgrade to Silver or higher, but that upgrade is $99/month or more.

Question: Why are you getting them to join GiantProfitAds, Freedom Mails, and Mad-Cow-Ads first?

Answer: Some history and strategy.

* We are working on having our sites added to the WorldProfit safelists.

* I am a consultant and business strategist first, then a marketer second.

* Our sites are very inexpensive opportunities to upgrade to the highest level for now.

* Your prospects are very likely going to balk at spending ANYTHING once they see the huge array of tools and products available through Worldprofit.

* You want them to do ALL of our sites AND Worldprofit THEN the safelists recommended by Worldprofit Boot Camp.

* When they sign up for safelists from WITHIN WORLDPROFIT, they are using your affiliate referral ID stored in Worldprofit, so they have effectively joined YOUR DOWNLINE for every safelist.

* Once they are in your “Downline” in GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads AND WorldProfit and also other safelists, you have the opportunity to send them messages every day, but also double/triple dip with messages to your downlines at GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads and the other safelists.

* Every referral THEY MAKE becomes part of YOUR DOWNLINE.

* Every SALE THEY MAKE becomes part of your residual income stream

* It takes 7-11 exposures for someone to “get it”. You can get your ad recipients to that level FASTER by having two or more separate venues from which to give them those exposures.

Question: You mentioned Autoresponders. What are they?

Answer: An autoresponder is THE MOST VALUABLE TOOL ANY MARKETER COULD HAVE. “The Money Is In The List”.

* It allows you to build your list LEGALLY with “double opt-in” members.

* Once on the list, you can have your autoresponder set up to automatically distribute a series of messages EVERY DAY, WEEK, OR MONTH, or as often as you want.

* Once you set up the autoresponder “Golden Sequence”, or strategic messaging, your work is done. Just drive traffic to it.
* All you have to do is recruit people to sign up for your list, and they are in your advertising stream forever, or until they opt-out.

Question: How do I set up my “Golden Sequence” of messages?

Answer: Build on the list of messages you want to send (with a good autoreponder) and define a strategy for your messaging:

* Give them something free or low cost, ie. safelist membership or upgrade, free or low cost eBook, etc.) for several days, then

* Ease into a 3 message sequence of money-making products through affiliate sales, then

* Build your downlines to other strategic safelists for several messages, then

* 1-2 days of free or low cost products

You see the pattern?

* Give them something FIRST before bashing them with products.

* Give them an opportunity to build on THEIR success through affiliate opportunities that THEY can sell, while building YOUR DOWNLINE all the time.

* Most importantly, TELL don’t SELL.
Question: What Autoresponder Should I Use?

Answer: Sorry, but the answer is, “One that will fit your needs for all of your initiatives”.

* Aweber has a $19 monthly charge, but as your list grows, it becomes more expensive.

* Worldprofit has one available to members but it carries a pretty hefty pricetag. (www.WebcastSource.com)

* GVO – but it is expensive and is wrapped up in other initiatives I use: hosting, video conferencing, and it is compatible with other affiliated GVO products that I represent (that only work with GVO). (www.WebcastSource.com/?rd=hw2JEIdy)

* Stiforp is nice because you can import purchased leads, and I like the template-style of creating messages in your campaigns. $49 setup + $9.95/month

* M&G Home Business Marketing System – a much heftier pricetag but also provides 300 leads per day and unlimited autoresponders.

* My Favorite – Team Elite Responder is a fantastic unlimited autoresponder, lead capture, prospect manager for one lifetime price of $24.95.

* GetResponse, TrafficWave.net, GWA are other options
Back to the topic of Safelists Strategy:

Since ads you post on Safelists are seen by OTHER MEMBERS, it is to your advantage to:
* PROMOTE our sites…

If you need help coming up with ideas, let me know. See many of the ads I post on our sites. Sign up for the Safelist or become an affiliate.

I can recommend some wonderful affiliate programs that will:
* Allow you to build a DOWNLINE…
* Make Money From Referrals…
* Make Money By Selling Products…

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