08 Getting referrals

A short message about getting referrals.

If you are a Super JV member here,
you will earn valuable points for every
referral! You also earn points every time
your active referrals log in to their account
and believe me they add up fast!

These points can be “traded” for ads. Or
you can use them as an incentive for your
referrals to join or upgrade. Member to
Member transfers are initiated by submitting
a support ticket.

Referring others is easy to do with the
marketing material we provide for you.
You can get all your promotional items
by clicking on the Tools and Stats
button in your members area.

Scroll to the bottom of that page to find
your new referrals. There is also a training
button on the navigation menu called “Using Solo Ads”.

This is a step by step set of very easy to
follow instructions complete with actual screen shots.

Highly recommended.

Be sure to send your team a welcome
message and offer to help them to use
the system. The better they understand
how it all works, the better prepared they
will be to generate more referrals.
After all, when they build their team,
they are building yours.

If you have not yet upgraded to Super JV then you really could be missing out on lots of commission payments for each paid member on your team.

Remember to edit your profile so I know
where to send your commissions. The only payment method is via Paypal for now.

Well, that’s it for now, thank you for
joining once again and welcome aboard!

If you need answers about anything send
me a support ticket and I will be happy
to assist you.

To your success.

Rich Moyer

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