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​There have been changes at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses. The free Supernet Hub ​was very limited. The Gold membership is now $7.95 per month (the upgrade link on the page you sent me). 1/3rd the cost of Aweber. Unlimited subscribers, landing pages, messages, campaigns. Clearly my favorite

I still think th

​at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses is

the best bargain in autoresponders out there right now. There is so much done for you, so many landing pages, so many campaigns that are already built for you

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ll you have to do is fill out your profile and as you join these different initiatives update your profile with

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affiliate ID

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ust promote th


e pages


Here is a step-by-step on how to get set up to promote a WorldProfit link

  • Join here.
  • Update ​your TEHB profile with your WorldProfit associate ID after Worldprofit Url & Banner Rotators (5621508).
  • Go to Capture Pages – WorldProfit
  • Edit one of the capture pages for WorldProfit.
  • Edit Settings
  • Update contact group to TheSupernet
  • Update the redirect URL with the URL for your WorldProfit ad (in the WorldProfit associate member area).
  • Save
  • Go back to My Capture Pages
  • Press the END key on your keyboard
  • Right click the last page and copy the link address. THIS is the URL you will promote INSTEAD of the URL in your WorldProfit ad so you are capturing these leads in YOUR autoresponder.

Now follow the directions on that page to set up your multiple streams of income to capture your leads and do automatic followup

Promote each landing page on safelists using credit mails or solo ads using the ad copy from the program you are promoting, but remember to use the LANDING PAGE URL as the targeturl

I gave you a list of safelists to join that have free ads and promo codes. Here are more promo codes

Here is my ONE Time Offer to you for accepting the above:

– Upgrade to Platinum at EmailMyAds.com

– 50,000 Credits

– 2 Solo Ads To: 995 Members

– 5 Banners Ads (1000 Views Each)

– 2 Login Ads (100 Views Each)

– 5 Link Ads (150 Views Each)

Value: $197

Be sure to join using my special signup link:

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give me your user ID for EmailMyAds.com and I will

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