20150715 WebcastSource.net Free Traffic and More

Today’s topics will be:

  • An Explanation About “Plain Jane”  Newsletters
  • More Traffic for Free
  • The Benefits of the Mega PLR Store
  • What’s happening at our sister sites

Newsletters for Everyone

I guess you wonder why your “newsletters” are in plain text and formatted as though I was writing on an IBM Selectric.  The easy answer is that I want MORE of my subscribers to actually Get, Open, and Read these messages.

While many people have GMAIL (it is a requirement of most TAEs and TEs) some people have that email forwarded to their “home email” which could be Yahoo (very bad), Hotmail (worse), or AOL (the worst).  These systems summarily reject messages that you and I might think are important, including any message with HTML formatting or graphics.

The second reason is that with the massive deployment of smart phones and tablets, I try to be considerate to mobile users on low bandwidth connections. These folks are less likely to open or read these messages long or formatted messages. Welcome to the short attention span generation.

More Traffic for Free

I have been collecting promo codes for quite awhile.   The bounty of ads and benefits you find is astounding.   I’ve started a newsletter that gives you a new promo code or traffic source every day.  I’m up to about 40 days, and I’m not near the bottom of my list.

What a great way to get points!  

Don’t forget to USE SOME OF THESE POINTS to place banners, buttons, hot links, traffic links, login ads, and solo ads to build YOUR list!  That’s right.  WebcastSource.net and our sister sites have GENEROUS rewards for referrals, AND even more opportunity, not only for building your  OWN referral network using the extensive Downline Builders but THESE ARE ALSO GREAT SOURCES of traffic.  All or my sites have the ability to send to your downlines, generally once per week.  This is where you get to show off YOUR products and systems.
Sign Up HERE
>>>>> http://webcastsource.com/freeadpackages/

Mega PLR Store

Free to upgraded members here, the Mega PLR Store provides an incredible resource library of over two hundred items: eBooks, eCourses, Videos, and so much more that you can use for your personal development.  

You can also GIVE THEM AWAY AS INCENTIVES to your prospects to get them to joinyour program or simply to build your list!  (Check on the PLR license to be sure that is permitted).

Better yet, you can SELL THESE ITEMS and YOU KEEP ALL THE PROFIT!  I have two videos out there that give you some more details about the Mega PLR STORE and how to use it.

>>>>> http://www.worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=334

>>>>> http://www.worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=323

Our Sister Sites

Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads all have promos going on, and huge referral benefits for upgraded members.  There is quite a mix of SuperNetwork Ads, both on these sites, and partner programs I have joined to give our members a wider reach for their ads at the lowest allowable prices on the internet.  There is one Monster Traffic promo that gives you huge traffic bonuses for joining and upgrading at each site.

All three of the other sites have very reasonably priced JV upgrades ($9 – $10 per year) and SJV upgrades ($19 – $20 per year).  Don’t miss out – this will continue for a limited time only.

>>>>> http://video.webcastsource.com/soyouneedtraffic

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you. 
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