20150717 WebcastSource.net How Can I Help?

I’m looking at my control panel, and I am baffled.

Both Free members and Paid members have a cache of ads they could be using to promote.  

Whether it is your primary business, or an affiliate program, you will NEVER get any leads or signups if you don’t promote.

Each member gets an initial allocation of ads.

Each member gets 25 websites they can add to the exchange.

Even though the membership at WebcastSource.net is small and growing, the Exchange ads are visited by  members of OTHER sites in the network.

Member-to-member mail goes to 500, 2500, or 5000 random list email ID’s for members of WebcastSource.net AND the members of OTHER PARTNER SITES in the network.  And you can send  member-to-member mail every THREE DAYS.  

Header ads and Footer ads are in the headers and footers of every email that goes out.  

Banner Ads and text ads are displayed in the header with every website launched by the Click for Credit link.

Solo Ads go to almost 8000 contact email ID’s of the network members.  Header Ads, Footer Ads are in the email, and Text Ads and Banners are in the headers of every website launched from the Click for Credit link of each Solo ad submitted.

To show you the exposure your ads get, here is a  screenshot that shows the credit link on a Solo ad and the additional exposure you get with Text Ads in the footer of that ad.


More importantly, as a member who SHOULD be opening emails and reading ads, and you have an additional source of INFORMATION for which you are rewarded with points. 

Even admin notices about ad approvals have header and footer ads, which are more opportunities to get your ads in front of people, and opportunities for YOU to earn points.

All This Information Handed to You.  You just don’t know it!

One of the coolest things I do as an admin is approve ads.  I get to see EVERY product, service, ad copy style, graphics, call to action statements, etc.  I take advantage of promo codes quietely placed within those ads.

I would rather find promo codes for points.  I open messages for the CONTENT!  This makes sense since you could be getting banners and links worth 1000-5000 points, solo ads worth tens of thousands of points, and SuperNetwork ads that cost CASH and rarely trade for points.   How many emails would you have to read to get just ONE BANNER?

Just trying to make you aware of what you are missing and the wonderful resources you already have FOR FREE.  And it is even better, more opportunities, and higher rewards, when you upgrade.  A small price to pay for the plethora of information and benefits you get as an upgraded member.

Rich Moyer