20150830 WebcastSource.net Contest THIS WEEK!

CONTEST UPDATE – I’m Disappointed.
Maybe I made this too hard…
So, it is Tuesday.
Complete the Challenges for Monday AND Tuesday, and I will 
give you the rewards for both days.
This means:
Post 3 Banners and 3 Text Ads TODAY
Not enough credits?
You have several options:
  • Go to the Order Center and purchase 20,000 Mailing Credits for $5
  • View Safelist banners and text ads to earn credits
  • Upgrade to Pro or Lifetime and I will GIVE YOU all these rewards PLUS the upgrade bonus consisting of:
    * 20,000 mailing credits and 1000 visitor credits for Pro or
    * 50,000 mailing credits and 5000 visitor credits for Lifetime  
    (PLUS the monthly mailing and visitor credits).
Original Message

My wife and daughter LOVE the American Ninja Warrior TV Show.

Well, we have our own Ad Warrior Contest at WebcastSource.net

Purchase or Trade Credits and receive Rewards

Monday through Friday of this Week.

All Incentive promotions start at Midnight EST and end 24 Hours Later

You Must Earn the Reward for the preceeding challenge to qualify for the next one.

#1 Monday starting Midnight EST

Post 3 banners get 3 Banners

#2 Tuesday starting Midnight EST

Post 3 text ads get 3 Text Ads

#3 Wednesday starting Midnight EST

Post 1 Login Ad get 1 Lifetime Login Ad

#4 Thursday starting Midnight EST

Post 1 Solo Ad get 1 Solo Ad

#5 Friday starting Midnight EST

Post 1 Solo Ad get 3 Solo Ads

Awards Will Be Applied After All Challenge Steps Are Completed.

September 5th.

Rich Moyer

Admin WebcastSource,net