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One of the coolest things I do as an admin is approve ads.  I get to see EVERY product, service, ad copy style, graphics, call to action statements, etc.  I take advantage of promo codes quietely placed within those ads.

I would rather find promo codes and OTO’s than points.    

I open messages for the CONTENT!  

This makes sense since you could be getting:

  • Banners and links that trade for 1000-5000 points,
  • Solo ads that trade for tens of thousands of points or CASH
  • SuperNetwork ads that you must purchase with CASH and rarely trade for points.  

How many emails would you have to read to get just ONE BANNER?  

So, at WebcastSource.net, how do you get this buried treasure?  Easy.  

  • Surf the WebcastSource.net Traffic Exchange.  Look at EVERY website.  
  • Check emails to both your CONTACT email ID and your LIST email ID.  Contact Email ID’s will contain ads that typically have larger POINT VALUES, but also, because these are most likely PAID ads, the bonuses an offers are likely to be MORE VALUABLE!   

Visit each Exchange website.  Open each of those emails.  

  • Review each website and read those emails for CONTENT.  
  • Review each website and read those emails for PROMO CODES. 
  • Review each website and read those emails for OTO’s (One Time Offers).  
  • Review each website and read those emails for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS.  
  • Review each website and read those emails for HIGH COMMISSIONS.  

Get the MOST out of your online business so you can PUT IT BACK INTO YOUR BUSINESS!


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As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you. 

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