20151022 WebcastSource.net Newsletter

Did you know?

  • You should check your Exchange Ads regularly using Manage Exchange Ads on the main menu and add credits when necessary.  When you run out of credits, the ad is not deleted — is just goes INACTIVE.


  • You should use the TEST link to verify that your website displays when your banner, text ad, or login ad is clicked.  Your ad will be marked INACTIVE if there is a problem with the banner URL or target URL.
  • You can send member to member mail every 3 days.  The number of members you can include is dependent on your member level, for instance, a FREE member can send to 500 members.  A PRO member can send to 2500, and the Lifetime members can send to 5000 members.  
  • No dating, gambling, pharmaceutical, or suggestive ads are permitted.
  • The WebcastSource.net Resource Page has been moved to (left sidebar) http://WebcastSource.com

  • Access the Daily Promo Code using this link (DailyPromoCode) then redeem that promo code at the main menu link PROMO CODE

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  • There are free eCourses available to ALL members at My ECourse Central

  • Lifetime Members get a FREE 38 Module Video Network Marketing Course

  • You should adopt a Traffic Strategy.  Here is MINE!


What’s the secret to Online Business Success?


How do you do that?

  • Promote ONLY TO LANDING PAGES (AKA Lead Capture Pages, Squeeze Pages)

Then What?

  • Use an Autoresponder to “Cultivate Your Prospects into CUSTOMERS”.  
  • Don’t hammer them with a constant stream of ads.  
  • Give them USEFUL INFORMATION, eBooks, Tips, How-To videos, and use subtle signature-line ads.  
  • Every 4-5 messages can be a promo letter.

What is the Best Value in an Autoresponder?

  • Team Elite Home Businesses – $7 Lifetime membership.
  • Unlimited Campaigns, Capture Pages, Messages, and subscribers.  
  • Dozens of done-for-you campaigns.
  • Integrated Downline Builder
  • Find MY autoresponder campaigns HERE – just copy/paste into autoresponder campaign messages you create