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My “Story” was featured TWICE in the past week by Joel Therien, CEO of

GVO/Pure Leverage/GotBackup on GotBackup International Pre-launch Webinars.

GotBackup Saved My Business!

My 1.5Tb harddrive crashed HARD – even the hidden partition that contains my re-install software for Windows 7.1.  I had to replace not only the hard drive, but I had to buy a NEW COPY OF WINDOWS because Windows 7.1 is no longer available. 

After installing the new operating system, GotBackup was able to restore 100% of my data on my PRIMARY BUSINESS MACHINE that contained ALL of my business receipts, promotional ad copy, financial records, videos, graphics, etc. 

GotBackup is Also a Great BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!

GotBackup is not only an essential, Set N Forget Backup System that you SHOULD be using, but an excellent business opportunity that pays 100% residual commissions.  Become a reseller of Pure Leverage/Got Backup, and collect residual income every month for either or BOTH products. 

Subscribe TODAY for UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE for backups of ALL YOUR DEVICES – PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone.

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Oh, I USE WHAT I SELL.  Can You Say That?

GotBackup Goes Live Nov 16, 2015


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