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Oh, I USE WHAT I SELL.  Can You Say That?

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Have you checked out Joe Freyaldenhoven’s Sites?  There are still Founders Level memberships open – EARN 150% Commission 

Featured TEHB Safelist:   Cash Traffic Machine

The comp plan is very unique but also very lucrative.  Your commissions will be 100% of every other sale REGARDLESS OF VALUE. NO waiting, the payment is Instant!  Let’s understand this by painting a scenario for you:

Scenario 1

If a referral joins and accepts the OTO for $14.95, the admin gets that sale. (these values are for illustration only – prices could change, OTO’s and special offers could offer discounts, etc).

If the referral upgrades to Elite after accepting the OTO, YOU get the credit for that upgrade (value $17) but if the referral goes for the full Lifetime upgrade to FOUNDERS level all at once, YOU would get the total value of that upgrade ($197).

Scenario 2

But, if the referral only upgrades to Elite, then later to JV, then to Founder:

  • You get Elite upgrade ($17)
  • Admin gets JV upgrade ($33)
  • You get upgrade to Platinum ($77)
  • Admin gets upgrade to Founder ($133)

So you see YOU get the value of EVERY OTHER SALE

The higher membership level, the MORE THE NUMBER OF SALES YOU GET compared to the number of sales the ADMIN GETS:

  • ELITE MEMBERS RECEIVE 66% COMMISSION (1st sale goes to Admin. The next TWO sales will go to the Elite Member)
  • JV MEMBERS RECEIVE 75% COMMISSION (1st sale goes to Admin. The next THREE sales will go to the JV Member)

The TEHB sites are GROWING QUICKLY!  Cash Traffic Machines is now up to over 1000 members!  Get on board NOW.  I am a FOUNDERS level member at SEVEN sites collecting 150% Commissions (ALL SALES regardless of value INCLUDING the Admin share).

TEHB is a gold mine.  New sites using this same comp plan are being added EVERY WEEK.   Here is a list of the sites I have joined SO FAR.   And, couple that with an AMAZING $7 Wonder: a $7 lifetime unlimited autoresponder with DOZENS of done-for-you campaigns, Team Elite Home Businesses is simply a MONEY AND LIST BUILDING MACHINE!


If you upgrade to FOUNDER at any site from THIS LINK,  I will upgrade you to LIFETIME member at WebcastSource.net worth $97 plus TONS of ads through promo codes and a huge monthly ad allocation!  (Just submit a ticket at CONTACT US with your TEHB site userid and I will send you the promo codes and do the upgrade manually).


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