20160116 WebcastSource Newsletter


Get More Traffic Today!  

Just a friendly reminder that if you are looking for more traffic today you  only need to login to your account at WebcastSource.net and it is yours for the taking! (Not a member?  Join for Free by clicking the banner above but consider the One-Time-Offer for Lifetime membership for only $18)

Please use all the different types of advertising available to you, especially consider the Member to Member Mail! These are like gold in your pocket.

More Traffic Today with Member to Member Mail that can be sent every 3 days. The higher the membership level, the higher the number of random members in the 17,000 member audience.  Free members can send to 500 members every 3 days.  Pro members send to 2500, and Lifetime members send to a whopping 5000 members every 3 days.  

More Traffic Today with Solo Ads for $1.00 USD  

Limited time promotion.  Order through your Order Center with Paypal (Payza is coming soon), or request a bulk purchase quote (See the promo using this link).

More Traffic Today – Surf’s Up!  

That’s Right!  WebcastSource is also a TRAFFIC EXCHANGE!  Paid members get a monthly allocation of VISITOR CREDITS that can be used to promote ANY of your websites!  View the sites by other members to get MORE Visitor Credits.  

This is really a cool and unique feature of WebcastSource. You see a “snapshot” of your website.  

Something else that makes the Exchange able to compete with other big-name Traffic Exchanges:  Your Exchange sites are seen by not only the membership here at WebcastSource, but also by over 18,000 viewers – the members of the WorldProfit networks.  

More nuggets to consider:

  • Paid Members get the MEGA PLR Store installed on their site that contains a WEALTH of KNOWLEDGE – Educational products in the Network Marketing niche, but also other non-marketing topics.
  • Your Mega PLR Store is pre-loaded with over 200 high quality ebooks, tools, products, and training courses that you can use for your own personal development, you can give them away as incentives (bribes), or SELL THEM for 100% PROFIT!
  • Lifetime members are entitled to a FREE 38 module video training course that teaches you everything you need to know about Network Marketing.  Just submit a ticket through CONTACT US (not Support) and I will send you the download link.
  • Would you like to have more promotional material so you can PROMOTE WebcastSource?  Check out the WebcastSource Blog and WCS Newsletter Archive.
  • Get a $7 Lifetime unlimited autoresponder and create your OWN list-building lead capture system and then use theWebcastSource autoresponder campaign to create your own recruiting funnel using the WebcastSource autoresponder message sequence
  • Want to know more about the WebcastSource.net Safelist/Exchange?  Sign up for the WebcastSource daily email newsletter sent to your inbox that explains all the features and functions.  (You are already a member of WebcastSource.net, and may have opted in as a WorldProfit associate, so just sign up for the newsletter).  

See you soon! 

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