20160212 Commissions Unleashed Newsletter

Several very important announcements and updates. [br]  
Newsletters like this will now be posted to the CU Blog.  Email notifications will be sent out when new newsletters are posted. [br]
Email Issues [br]
  • I am receiving rejections for 600-800 undeliverable messages per day, and fortunately, the problem has now been localized to about a dozen accounts, but I must set some ground rules that apply to all members. [br]
  • Accounts using an autoresponder will be removed immediately.  That means no “out of office” or “on vacation” messages, or Boxbe to control the flow of emails to your inbox.   If you are going on vacation, then please go into your profile on Commissions Unleashed and set it to  vacation mode.  Upgraded members can elect the No Email option. [br]
  • Only GMAIL and ViralInbox email addresses will be permitted.  If you do not use either one of these email systems, you will be getting notice from the administrator to change your email to either GMAIL or ViralInbox.   [br]
Insecure Login Credentials [br]
  • Userids and passwords must be at least 6 characters, and cannot be keyboard sequences (like 77777 or 123456 or qwerty).  The userid and password cannot be the same. [br]
  • Passwords must be changed from the default.   [br]
  • Passwords must be at least 6 characters long, and no longer than 16 characters. [br]
  • Passwords must contain at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, and one number.  Optionally you can use special characters #$%^ but it cannot begin with these symbols. [br]
  • If your passwords are not acceptable, you will be assigned a secure password by the administrator. [br]
  • Here are some secure password generators you may use. [br]
    http://strongpasswordgenerator.com/  [br]
    http://www.random.org/passwords/  [br]
    http://www.random.org/passwords/  [br]
English Language is Required [br]
  • We are happy to have an international membership, but the reality is that your ads and the target websites you are promoting must be in English.  Even if the ad copy submitted on this site is in English, the target website must either be in English, or must have the ability to translate all the text, graphics, and videos into English. [br]
Paypal Is Required [br]
  • Every member, including free members, are required to have a Paypal address defined in their profile.  All members are eligible to receive commissions.  Commissions Unleashed is an Instant Commission site that pays directly from member to member for upgrades and ad purchases.  Without a Paypal address, your commissions will be passed up to the Administrator, or to a Founder if you are in a Founder’s downline. [br]
New Features [br]
  • You can now get PREVIEWS of your AdsPlus Ads, Premium Ads, Headline Ads, and Spotlight Ads before submitting them.  This allows you to adjust the colors for background, text, and subject [br]
  • Did you know you can enter the color name for AdsPlus, Headline, Billboard, Spotlight and Premium Ads: black, white, red, green, blue, green, yellow, lightblue, pink, orange, etc.  Experiment with the different colors to give your ads the greatest impact. [br]
  • New ways to earn credits have been added to the NAV menu: View Featured Ads, View AdsPlus, View Headlines, View Premium Ads, View Buttons, View Blocks, View Billboards.  More of these enhancements will be coming soon. [br]
  • Paid members now can opt-out for receiving email ads.  Member ads can be viewed in the Solo Inbox.  Admin and system notices will still be delivered to your email. [br]
  • SuperNetwork Ads are now available on Commissions Unleashed for Top Apex Viral Solos (50,724 members) and Global Viral Solo Ads (33,314 members).  These ads are an INCREDIBLE VALUE that extend your advertising reach to TENS OF THOUSANDS for the lowest allowable price of $3.99 each.  Your price per ad is even a better bargain when you purchase these Solo ads in bulk – again, the lowest allowable price of 5 for $14.99!   These are the SuperNetwork Ads I use myself and strongly recommend them for all of your network marketing promotions [br]
  • Do you want to build your list while promoting money-making Instant Commission sites like Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash?  [br]

    Free autoresponder messages are available that work with any autoresponder.  Get these messages at the link on the CU Blog Page.  [br]

    Don’t have an autoresponder?  Team Elite Responder is a fantastic UNLIMITED autoresponder with dozens of done-for-you campaigns and lead capture pages for a one-time low Lifetime price of $24.95! [br]

Tutorials and Information [br]
  • Did you know that by signing up here, you are automatically enrolled in a daily newsletter that highlights the different functions and features.  Watch your inbox for these messages. [br]
  • Check the CU Blog for Answers!  You can access the CU BLog right from the NAV menu. [br]
  • Get your copy of the Commissions Unleashed Manual.  Version 2 has just been published.  Get it on the CU Blog page from the NAV Menu. or use this link:
    http://av.id.ly/CUManual  [br]
Happy Valentines Day [br]
Rich Moyer [br]
Owner and Admin [br]