20160217 Commissions Unleashed Newsletter

There are three great ways to get more information about features and functions so you can get the most out of your membership at Commissions Unleashed. [br][br]

1. Sign Up (obviously you did that).[br]

All new signups get autoresponder messages daily that highlight those features and functions. If you have already received all the messages in the campaign, you will need THIS with updated info. [br]

2. The CommissionsUnleashed Manual.[br]

Version 2.0 of this ebook has just been published. There are many new features and functions added since the launch on December 31, 2015. This eBook is free, and the content generally applies to almost all the Instant Commission sites, including my other site Your LuckyFastCash.[br]

How do you get this eBook? Keep reading…[br]
3. The CU Blog[br]

Check out the button on the NAV menu by that name. This is a summary page for my Business to Business site (B2B). Click the cover of the eBook at the bottom of the page to download your ebook.[br]

4. Click on any link on the CU Blog summary. It will take you to LifeBalanceB2B.com, where there is a section called “CU Blog”. Of course, feel free to browse my blog site for other great tips, videos, and offers.[br]

5. While on the LifeBalanceB2B.com blog site, be sure to sign up for my hugely popular Home Business Tips Newsletter.[br]

400 days of Home Business tips and techniques delivered to your inbox. The material on this newsletter was written by Internet Millionaire Stone Evans. The content is so good, that I personally signed up for my own list – it gives me lots of ideas or minimally provokes some thought and out of the box thinking that I can apply to my OWN business. This newsletter gets 3-5 new signups EVERY DAY.[br]

6. Did you know…[br]

* Instant Commission sites are popping up almost daily! These are MONEY MAKING SITES that pay YOU directly to Paypal for purchases or upgrades made by YOUR REFERRALS. Here is my list (I haven’t updated in several weeks).[br]
>>>>> http://av.id.ly/150pctpage

* If you missed the One Time Offer for the $17 GOLD upgrade, that ship has sailed, but you CAN join my other Instant Commission site to take advantage of the OTO (link is case sensitive):[br]
>>>>> http://av.id.ly/YourLuckyFastCash [br]
or one of these sites:[br]
>>>>> http://av.id.ly/150pctpage [br]

* One SuperNetwork Solo ad on this site costs $4.00 and is sent to tens of thousands of members. If you were to do your promotions manually to reach the same audience, you would have to sign in and send your ads on DOZENS of sites (if you had the points, or surf to get enough credits). How much is your TIME worth?[br]

>>> Top Apex SuperNetwork – send to 44 sites with 50,909 members[br]
>>> Global Viral Solos – – send to 25 sites with 33,350 members[br]

* SuperSolos are offered at the lowest allowable prices, and by buying in bulk, you can save even more. You cannot trade points for SuperSolo Ads (because site owners have to pay a premium to offer these ads for you).[br][br]
Good Talk.[br][br]

Rich Moyer[br]
Owner and Admin[br]