20160307 WebcastSource.net Newsletter


Check Your Ads [br] [br]

  • I am seeing many banners and text ads that need additional points added.  Your ads will not be shown if the points have been depleted. [br] [br]

Solo Ad Prices

  • Solo Ads go to over 7,900 members of the WorldProfit Network.  Solo Ad prices are $3.00 each.
  • Bulk Solos – send a request via Contact Us.  10 Solos for $25.00  or   20 Solos for $45.00.   I will send an invoice.
  • You are permitted to send one Solo Ad per Day [br] [br]

What is meant by “Random Members”? [br] [br]

  • Banners, Text Ads, and Login Ads from all of the WorldProfit Safelists and Exchanges are shown on MULTIPLE WorldProfit Network sites.  There are currently 18,792 WorldProfit Network members viewing the ads you post on WebcastSource.net.
  • When you send Member-to-Member mail, a random selection of the 18,792 WorldProfit Network members receives your Member-to-Member email ads [br] [br]

Member-to-Member Mail [br] [br]

All members can send Member-to-Member Mail every 3 days.  Only the number of members varies by membership level: [br]

  • Free members: 500 random  members
  • Pro members (monthly): 2,500 random  members
  • Lifetime members: 5,000 random members [br] [br]

Talking about  Memberships [br] [br]

Membership Prices at WebcastSource.net are at the lowest ever:   [br]

  • Upgrade to Pro (monthly) for $3 per month.  
  • Upgrade to Lifetime for a one-time charge of $18.00!   [br] [br]

Really – why would anyone want to pay $36 per year month-to-month when they get SO much more for a one-time fee of $18.00? [br] [br]

Why upgrade? [br]

  • Free members do not get a monthly allocation of credits or ads.
  • Paid members get UPGRADE BONUSES
  • Lifetime members get a generous monthly allocation of points and visitor credits
  • Lifetime members get, absolutely free, the MEGA PLR Store installed on their replicated web page stocked with over 200 items:  eBooks, Video courses, Software.  These items are free for Lifetime members to use themselves (download them), give away as incentives to join/upgrade here, or on any other business opportunity, or to SELL.  The Mega PLR Store has a BUILT-IN eCommerce shopping cart – simply define your Paypal ID in your profile.
  • Lifetime members are also entitled to a free 38 module video training program on Network Marketing.
  • Both Pro and Lifetime members are rewarded for referrals [br] [br]

WebcastSource.net Resources [br] [br]

Summary of Articles [br]

  • Personalization Macros at WebcastSource
  • Exchange Basics
  • Our Sister Sites And Traffic Sources
  • Mega PLR Store
  • Free Traffic and More
  • Fantastic Ad Pack Offer
  • Upgrade to Lifetime Member, get 1 Year Travel Club Membership
  • You’ve Signed Up. Now what do you do?
  • WebcastSource.net Banners Click Through Rates
  • Want to Start Your Own PLR Business?
  • Ways to Promote WebcastSource.net
  • Additional Ad Copy: Solo Ads
  • Additional Ad Copy: Facebook
  • Additional Ad Copy: Tweets
  • Additional Ad Copy: Want to Start Your Own PLR Business?
  • WebcastSource.net Additional Promotion Graphics [br] [br]

Here is the URL for the website: [br]

>>>>> http://lifebalanceb2b.com/webcastsource-net-additional-resources/  [br] [br]

Other Advertising Deals [br]

  • Diamond URL Rotator– 5 URLs for 1 Year on over 400 sites. Change URL’s as many times as you like.  One low cost $37 for the year. http://av.id.ly/wpdiamond
  • Gold Banner Rotator – 5 Banners and text ads for 1 Year on over 400 sites. Change URL’s as many times as you like.  One low cost $47 for the year  http://av.id.ly/goldbannerrotator
  • SEO Optimizer Pro for 1 year PLUS lifetime upgrades on 12 high traffic sites that you keep for LIFE  http://av.id.ly/seo12lifetimetrafficpkg  [br] [br]

Money Making Opportunities [br] [br]

Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads will be merging and moving to an Instant Commission format site.   [br]

  • SJV members on either of those sites will be upgraded to GOLD members at the new site for free.  
  • Gold members earn 50% of Sales (pass up 1 sale to Admin, keep one sale, regardless of value).  
  • Lifetime SJV is $17.00 (the same cost as the OTO will be for Gold on the new site). [br] [br]

Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash Instant Commission Sites are MONEY MAKERS!   [br] [br]

  • They pay instant commissions for the FULL VALUE of the sales you keep when your referrals upgrade or purchase ads.
  • Be sure to take the ONE TIME OFFER for at least GOLD level.  Here is the breakdown of the comp plan:
  • Free – 20% of Sales: Pass up 4, keep 1, regardless of value
  • Silver – 33% of Sales: Pass up 2, keep 1
  • Gold – 50% of Sales: Pass up 1, keep 1
  • Platinum – 75% of Sales: Pass up 1, keep 3
  • Founder – 150% of Sales – 100% + the Admin Share

Other 150% Instant Commission Sites: [br] [br]

Unlimited Trials [br] [br]
  • M&G Home Business – Complete Autopilot Home Business – 7 day unlimited trial for $9.   http://av.id.ly/mandgtrial
  • The Conversion Pros – Great Lead Capture Pages, Autoresponder, and More – 7 Day unlimited trial for $1   http://av.id.ly/tcpbuck
  • GotBackup – 30 Day GotBackup + Reseller Trial for $1.  No credit card required  http://av.id.ly/gotbackup  [br] [br]

As always, please contact me (using the CONTACT US link, NOT Support) with any questions or issues. [br] [br]

Rich Moyer [br]