20160512 WebcastSource.net Newsletter

WebcastSource.net Lifetime Member Advantages and Opportunities

As a lifetime member, you can mail 5000 random members every 3 days. 

As a Lifetime member, you have a complete library consisting of over 200 quality ebooks, videos, software, and training programs.  These are available free to you in the Mega PLR Library to use, give away (check the individual PLR licenses), or sell. I personally use these as incentives for people to join my sites or other programs. 

Lifetime Members Get 200,000 Mailing Credits & 2,500 Visitor Credits Per Month

PLUS: Special Upgrade Bonus: 50000 Mailing Credits & 5000 Visitor Credits 

Also, as a Lifetime member, you have a 38 module Network Marketing video training course.  Reply to this email or submit a ticket via Contact Us (not Support) 


WebcastSource.net Advantages – Pro (monthly) members:

Pro (monthly) members can mail 2500 random members every 3 days

Pro Members Get 50,000 Mailing Credits & 1,000 Visitor Credits Per Month

PLUS: Special Upgrade Bonus: 20000 Mailing Credits & 1000 Visitor Credits


WebcastSource.net Benefits – All members:

For joining you get

=> 1,000 guaranteed visitors
=> 25 Sites Entries
=> 20,000 safelist credits
=> 100 guaranteed visitors for referrals who join under you.
=> 1000 safelist credits for referrals who join under you.

Free members can mail 500 random members every 3 days.  

Free members get no monthly ads or points

Banners and text ads on this site are displayed on the WorldProfit SuperNetwork partner sites (18,998 members) and Banners are getting huge CTR’s.

Solo Ads go to 7,801 contact emails for members of the WorldProfit SuperNetwork for only $3.00

You can find your promotional materials for this site under REFERRALS:

Referral Link, Splash Page Link (my favorite), Banners, Ad Copy, Social Media Buttons.

Additional Resources can be found on my blog at:

>>>> http://lifebalanceb2b.com/webcastsource-net-additional-resources/ 



Any questions, or if you need help with promotions, traffic strategies, landing pages, let me know.  Submit a ticket via Contact Us (not Support).  I am here to HELP!

Rich Moyer