20170129 OneStopSolos Update

1/29/2017 New Features

  • NEW! Daily Promo Code – Another HUGE Reason to Login Every Day!  Go to Advertising, right below the mini-menu.  Click the button to generate today\’s unique Promo Code and redeem at the top of the page for your Ad-of-The-Day.  See the Video
    >>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS2eOcaUoAc
  • New! Limited Time Offer – 7 Sites 7 Upgrades 7 Bucks each


12/29/2016 New Features

  • NEW!  The OneStopSolos Manual is now available for download from the OneStopSolos Blog page.

  • NEW!  Ad Status button on the NAV menu shows, at a glance, how many ads you have used, and how many you have left.

  • Soon!  Blue \”Credit/Debit Payment Buttons\” for the most popular ad types right on the Advertising page.  Make your ad purchases using Major Credit and Debit Cards without Paypal or Payza.

  • Blue Payment Buttons for more ad types are being added soon so you can make Debit/Credit Card Ad Purchases without Paypal or Payza.

  • Purchase ANY SuperNetwork Ad and get 1 Free OneStopSolos Solo Ad (Value $20)

  • Purchase 5 Bulk Solo Ads (Per posted Bulk Purchase Prices) and Receive 10 OneStopSolos Solo Ads

  • Paid Member Bonus Pages – Free Promo Codes, traffic bonus when you buy Diamond Rotator

  • NEW!  OneStopSolos Blog page – new posts, YLFC manual, Videos.  Will be updated soon with OneStopSolos articles, a new video, and the OneStopSolos Handbook.

  • Watch for the first mini-contest!

  • NEW!  Mini-Menu for quick navigation of the Advertising Page

  • Submit Payment requests for $10 or over only. Paid on the 15th for the past month\’s commissions