20170222 OneStopSolos Update


  • PLEASE READ – There have been many changes in the industry, many driven by Paypal policy changes, that have forced many site owners and SuperNetwork owners to simply go out of business.  Most of the SuperNetwork systems offered at One Stop Solos are no longer available. I will be offering only Blast Off SuperNetwork Solos effective immediately.

  • Additions and Changes to Site Offerings
    • WebcastSource.net has been closed. There was insufficient member activity to justify the operating expenses. Any paid members at that site were offered equivalent membership levels and ad packages on any of my other sites.  For more information, please submit a support ticket

    • World Text Ads is a “pre-loved” site I used to manage. The owner went out of business (yes, he did own most of the SuperNetworks that were installed on this site).  I found it on the auction block, so I jumped at the chance to “rescue” this site AND, also grab a second, brand new site on a Buy-One-Get-One Free deal.  The brand new site is Amazing Text Ads.  Both sites are full featured Text Ad Exchanges, each with one SuperNetwork installed.  Both of these sites are RIPE WITH POSSIBILITIES – ideal sites to PROMOTE ad BUILD YOUR LIST WITH REFERRALS.  The strategy is a little different than on a site with a large base of existing members:  Focus on ON-SITE ads rather than email ads.   ENCOURAGE your referrals to do the same, ENCOURAGE your referrals to ALSO promote these sites, and build THEIR downlines the same way.

    • This has been my month to “rescue” sites.  Cash Stream Maximizer was one of the first sites where I upgraded to Founder (now called Co-Admin).  It was hit hard by hackers, and as a result, simply put into mothballs (you see it all the time – SUSPENDED).  Another of my favorite sites, Quick Cash Solos, was shut down at the same time – just collateral damage.  Both sites have been rebuilt from scratch, and “security-hardened” to keep our pesky little friend from wandering around in places he didn’t belong.

    • Cash Stream Maximizer is a full featured TAE that has over 1000 members – over 20% are UPGRADED PAID MEMBERS.  That is a good indicator that the paid members understand VALUE and are more likely to possess a BUYER’S MINDSET.  This is an INSTANT COMMISSION SITE, which means that you are PAID DIRECTLY.  Grab a LIFETIME GOLD membership for $14.00 USD that earns 50% Commissions!

    • Quick Cash Solos is also a full featured TAE with almost 600 members, again with over 20% UPGRADED PAID MEMBERS!  But even more attractive is the EIGHT diversified SUPERNETWORKS.  This was one of my favorite sources of SuperNetwork traffic for my OWN promotions!  As always, I offer the LOWEST ALLOWABLE PRICES for SuperNetwork Ads, and BOGO – Buy One SuperNetwork Solo and get one Contact Solo for free (added within 24 hours after payment is confirmed).

    • THINK RECRUITING!  Each of the sites in our advertising community come with a full complement of Splash Pages, banner graphics, and ad copy PLUS  large DOWNLINE BUILDERS to create multiple  streams of referrals and income.  Your referrals will see YOUR favorite programs, YOUR advertisements and offers, and join YOUR sites. You get SO many benefits by bringing in referrals – points when they login, points when your referrals earn points, and COMMISSIONS too.

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