I Received a Support Ticket…

I got a support ticket from a subscriber at Freedom Mails.

Q. We have over 500,000 credits. We wanted to send out a mailing, but were only authorized to mail 68. Why is there such a small allowance, when we have so many credits?

A. Freedom Mails is a small, start-up site that I “rescued” from an owner who had little experience, and was having a hard time. When I took it over, there were 35 members.

Right now, there are only 68 active members on Freedom Mails. With only a few members in so many of the smaller sites, your strategy should be to PROMOTE THE SMALL SITES and build YOUR downlines, then encourage YOUR REFERRALS to do the same.

Post your ONSITE Ads: banners, buttons, text ads. Post your favorite programs in the Residual Builder. Join all the sites in the Downline Builder and update with your affiliate ID or affiliate URL. In the Affiliate Tools section (may go by other names – it is where you find your referral ID and promo materials), utilize the splash pages on OTHER SITES to get referrals HERE. There are banners, ad copy, and many times, Tweets you can post, all with the purpose of “BUILDING YOUR LIST”. The more referrals you have on YOUR LIST, the more YOUR ADS will be seen.

How to Get a Larger Audience For Your Ads