All About Ads

Did you know where all the different types of ads are located, what they do, and the point values you can earn by clicking them?  There are sources of information you should get (for free on the download page) :
  • The Commissions Unleashed Manual – Version 2
  • The Your Lucky Fast Cash Manual – Version 2
  • Commissions Unleashed Newsletter – every day to your inbox
  • The Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash Blog – articles,. videos, training
Sequence of ads
On the main index page:
  • There are no ads on this page, only site banners
  • Has the link for Member login
  • Join Now
Member Login Page:
  • Two 468×60 banners in rotation
In the footer of all pages:
  • Copyright Notice
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Spam Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Recommended Site of the Day link
  • Founding Members link
Login Ad Page:
  • One 600×300 login ad
Offer Page:
  • If the first time, will be the One Time Offer, followed by up to two other up-sell pages
  • After the first time: one of several offer pages – according to your membership level
Full page login ad
  • In the header:
    • Link with countdown to member area
    • Link to purchase FullPage Ad
    • 468×60 banner in rotation
    • Links to visit the advertised site
  • The full page ad – per scheduled date purchased by the member

Member Area

This is different for each level

Along the left side:

  • Daily Bonus ad – earn between 2000-5000 points for viewing ONE AD that opens in a new tab
  • Navigation (Nav) Menu
  • Recommended Systems – Admin and Founder button ads

Along the top, underneath the site banner

  • Headline ad
  • AdzPlus ad
  • 468×60 banner
  • two Text Links

Body of the Members Area

  • Scrolling marquis – welcome and announcements
  • Depending on level: VIP 468×60 banners
  • Total Downline Badge – VOTE FOR THIS SITE!
  • Promo Code box
  • Introduction video
  • 150% Instant Commissions video
  • Team Elite Responder banner

Work in progress.  Check Back for updates