20160429 What You Are Missing

I want to Show You What You Are Missing

This is a screenshot of one of the logs that shows the Monthly transactions…



The red oval indicates members,  at any level, who do NOT get a monthly allocation of ads because they have not logged in for over 30 days.

The green ovals show upgraded members who DID get their monthly allocation of ads.

So, the conclusions from this log analysis: 

  • You must log in to Freedom Mails in each 30 day period
  • Active Upgraded members get a monthly allocation of ads
  • Pro members, regardless of login status do NOT  get a monthly allocation of ads.

My Soap Box Rant…

  • Recognize that Freedom Mails is a BUSINESS, and not just someplace to post ads.  
  • Freedom Mails is part of an ADVERTISING COMMUNITY and every site, every feature, and every promotion is there to MUTUALLY BENEFIT both the owner/admin, AND the MEMBER.  
  • If someone told you that you make money by owning your own safelist, it’s true.. I money move from MY POCKET to SOMEONE ELSE’S POCKETS. 
  • Free is not Free.
  • Every business needs a business plan, and a tactical strategy to accomplish the goals of that plan.

 Freedom Mails Strategy

In a “GROWTH” mode, the admin promotes a start-up for RECRUITING.

  • Promo Codes, Bonuses, Combination offers are posted.
  • Cross promotions, Co-Ops, Reciprocal Promotions. 
  • More insight to my strategies can be found in my ebook, “A Traffic Strategy“.

For Members, THIS is the time to secure your position, and get REFERRALS

  • Member ads are important, but members should be putting MORE EFFORT into RECRUITING right now than posting ads.  
  • Sign up for OTHER sites (see my list of Instant Commissions sites) to promote Freedom Mails.  I’ll address the topic of Instant Commission sites in another blog post.
  • Post a full complement of ONSITE ADS as a baseline NOW: banners, buttons, login ads.  
  • Until the membership grows, I would direct your credits to onsite ads rather than email ads (credit mail, line mailers, Solo ads).  
  • Once the membership grows to OVER 100 members, THEN start your email campaigns.

How to Recruit

  • Join ACTIVE Safelists that have an INSTANT COMMISSION program.  Take advantage of the OTO to get a Lifetime GOLD membership (generally less than $20 for a Lifetime membership) that earns 50% of Sales.
  • Use the INSTANT COMMISSION SITES to promote Other Instant Commissions sites AND sites like Freedom Mails.  Why?  Traditional safelists are GREAT for people to actually SEE YOUR ADS.  Instant Commission Sites do have ads, but the focus is RECRUITING FOR PAID MEMBERS THAT PAY THEM COMMISSIONS.

I hope this helps you to get a BIG PICTURE VIEW of this business.

Rich Moyer