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The word is out! 100 Percent Mailer has just relaunched in the "Your Viral…" platform.

What does that mean?

It means that you don’t just get a top-notch mailer. You also get a high converting list builder that adds subscribers to your list.

It is a way to generate new leads for your opportunities and a way to capture leads for your auto-responder list.

Even if you don’t have an auto-responder yet, you know how important it is to build a responsive mailing list. 100 Percent Mailer will store your list for you until you pick an auto-responder and then transfer all your leads over for you.

In addition, every person you refer can earn their Premium Membership at 100 Percent Mailer by passing up 5 referrals to you. So now they are helping to build your list too.

True viral list building.

The "Your Viral…" sites have added tens of thousands of subscribers to the mailing list of their members.
You can be a part of this.

The time to act is now because 100 Percent Mailer just relaunched on September 12th. Thousands are waiting to join. Get the advantage by joining first.

The "Your Viral…" family of sites are ABSOLUTELY worth the upgrades and are WORTHY ADVERTISING SITES. I send to 10,000 members per day, and get unbelievable CTRs on my promotions with these sites. 100 Percent Mailer will perform just as well. Jump on the bandwagon with the other "Your Viral…" Sites too!

  • Your Viral List
  • Your Viral Traffic
  • Your Viral Mailer
  • 10X Mailer
  • Hotlist Mailer

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Rich Moyer


Join any of the above sites and upgrade to paid member and you will be eligible for a free lifetime top-level membership to WebcastSource where you can email 5000 members for free every 3 days, free Mega PLR Store, Solo Ads to over 9000 for $3 or 10 for $8.95, Double Digit CTRs.