A Little One-One Advice on WorldProfit and TeamEliteHomeBusinesses


TEHB has 39 Streams of Income that are assembled into a QuickStart Program. The QuickStart is designed to get newbies started for very little money, start to build a portfolio of income-producing programs, and start to build a list. This version of TEHB is called the SuperNet Business Hub.

As you join sites, update the affiliate ids in TEHB Affiliate Center and your profile.

Lately I have just been promoting the

SuperNet sites. TheDownliner , Gorilla Marketing Pro, SuperListExplode, Pangea

, Referral Frenzy​, ViralMailProfits, Infinity Traffic Boost, and another multi-stream income program by creator of SOTAM, Brad Webb called 97or3

  • I promote the PROGRAMS and offer a "Free SuperNet Business Hub with Done-For-You Landing Pages, Lead Storage, and Followup".
  • ​I tell them about LIFETIME upgrades:
    At TEHB – they can pay for the Lifetime membership in 10 monthly payments

    ​. Even Ultimate upgrades
    are half as much as

    ​the ​Aweber monthly fee and they own the full upgrade whereas Aweber is forever

  • I use the ​TEHB ​
    done for you landing pages that are already set up.

    ​Just be sure your TEHB profile is filled out​ with your affiliate ID for the program you are promoting. (Actually, join all that you can for free).

  • I’ve been getting more and more sign-ups everyday at TEHB. It’s a numbers game so a certain percentage of those become paid members ​.​

Broadcast to your list at tehb 3-4 times per week.

  • I generally send 3 info emails to every promo.
  • Need material? Use the Worldprofit article directory or Sandi’s ​associate ​and dealer
  • Give away ebooks ( ​from the WorldProfit vault or Offer Builder – ​
    builds your


    ​I create landing pages for them using the WorldProfit Landing Page builder (see note below re tehb html form code)​

  • Subtle promotion ​s​
    like a rotator link after your signature line

    ​. Be aware: you can add rotator links to BROADCASTS and AUTORESPONDER MESSAGES but NOT in credit mails or solo ads

  • Get a free rotator at Leads Leap or better yet, use a viral rotator at an instant commission site like

    ​ (one of the SuperNet sites in tehb)​

    ​. I wrote my own rotators: I have rotators for the Clickbank Promo Kit URLs, eBooks and eCourses, programs, safelists. Here is a selection I put after signature (I pick 1 or 2):

Check out my new MOBILE site
>>>>> http://m.WebcastSource.com

Check Out Today’s Featured ClickBank Product
>>>>> http://spahoconsulting.net/rotator/clickbank.php

Check out Today’s Free eBook or Video
>>>>> http://spahoconsulting.net/rotator/ebooks.php

Check Out Today’s Featured Home Business System
>>>>> http://spahoconsulting.net/rotator/

Online Marketing Resources, Business Plan, Free eCourses
>>>>> http://grabcashtoday.com/gtl

(Click Link Again for More Choices)

Passive Traffic. I post banners and text ads but they are passive traffic. There are some great banner sites with good CTRs like

WebTraffic4U and Webcastsource.net, Quantum Safelist​ ​but in general banner and text ads take lots of time with little result.
​ Good banner sites chew up credits so unless you are an upgraded member or do a lot of surfing, I prefer to use my credits for mailing

  • Many of Dave Mosher sites are good banner sites
  • Frank Salinas sites are typically pretty good for banners and text ads
  • I am seeing some good results with vTrafficRush ​- ​​not a bad site ​for a $20 one time upgrade​. 50% commission. Paid for itself after a couple weeks​
  • ​Free site RotateMySites is unique and gets views​
  • ​Mailers are notoriously bad for banner and text ads
  • Test the waters: post 1-2 banners, buttons, text ads when you join a site then go back after a few days to see if
    a) they are approved,
    b) they are getting views, and
    c) they are getting clicks​. If not, don’t waste your time
  • On my safelists I had the Worldprofit banner rotator script, TrafficAdBar and 1profitring script showing in the member area.
  • ​In the WorldProfit Silver Package, check the email: you may have been entitled to the Diamond Rotator. I got 10,000 views and 100+ clicks for each of the 5 URLs in a year.​

Active Traffic.

I spend most of my time posting email to many sites. I send 20-30 emails to approximately 250,000 recipients per day. I use solo ads and credit mail on safelists. I use super Network ads that I have purchased mostly from Dave Mosher. Most of the super networks can be found on SimpleTextAdz and Dave has great packages. I can share my results using supers: the best are Speedy, TopApex, GlobalViral, EqSolos, Target.

I’ve been getting great CTRs from the new sites by Matthew Graves. YourViralTraffic, YourViralMailer, HotListMailer, 10xMailer. He offers an affordable way to do an upgrade on these: quarterly. You can also earn your upgrades by passing up referrals. These sites are great mailers. As an Premium upgraded member I am sending 2000-4000 emails per day per site, getting 50-100 clicks each email. These sites are unique because they build YOUR list by tying in YOUR autoresponder. I use GetResponse for these sites.

About once per week I use Referral Frenzy that allows multiple mailings with just a couple keystrokes. There are over 100 sites you can join free and Referral Frenzy helps you manage credits and surfing all from one place. Companion programs, Downline Builder Elite and Referral Frenzy SuperTools

What I Recommend:

Now that solos are enabled on WebTraffic4U, send daily

​Be sure to get your Silver bonuses on WorldProfit. You must go through lessons 1, 2, and 3 and when you get your form, fill it out.

On Worldprofit Silver members can send a solo every 3 days with the solo eblaster. Send Quantum Safelist member to member mail every 3 days


Coaching from the Senior Monitor meeting: 100% of your effort should be in promoting the SILVER membership for direct promotions. Think residual income. Rotators, traffic packages will happen and are good one-shot revenue.

When you upgrade to Silver, you get an instant list of at least 1000 maybe more. You can broadcast to that list daily but I generally broadcast using Prospect manager three to four times a week. Most times, to people on my list, I will send information, some home business tips, articles, and then every 3 or 4 times I broadcast I’ll send a promo. Unless there’s a special event that comes out like this Lurn Summit.

When you join safelists in the Worldprofit "20+" Streams be sure to go back to fill in your affiliate id. As you build your downline at Worldprofit you will also get them in your downline when they join these safelists.

Sign up as a free member at Webcastsource.net. This is an exact duplicate of Quantum Safelist, the "mothership" of Worldprofit. Because you upgraded to Silver I’ll give you a free upgrade that allows you to send member to member to 5000 every 3 days. Double digit CTRs on banner and text ads. Monthly credits for both the exchange and safelist (it’s a hybrid site). You also get the MegaPlr Store free, that would cost $99.95 per year as a Silver member.

TEHB or worldprofit? I


​I am a power user (of everything). At any given time I have 1-2 tabs open to WorldProfit.

  • When I create landing pages using Worldprofit I generate html code for the Supernet message group in tehb or I create a message stream for that particular promotion. Associates in Worldprofit are ok and get the daily WorldProfit newsletter but if you ever leave Worldprofit, you can export the associates but you cannot import them to any autoresponders. I prefer to capture my leads into TEHB. Unlimited, and it is a lifetime membership. With Worldprofit, if using Getresponse, Aweber, GVO, or Mailchimp you can capture your leads in BOTH your autoresponders AND WorldProfit prospect manager but there is no script to do that for html capture forms like TEHB.
  • I love the

    WorldProfit Magic List Builder.

    ​The WorldProfit default popups are ok but ​
    I create

    ​my own ​
    simple html popups in combination with other offers. The significance is the interruptive technology. It forces somebody to take a second look at the original promotion page. Whether they actually pay any attention to the pop up or not, it’s still interrupts their train of thought and forces them to reread the original page.

  • I use the Lazy Blog Poster everyday. When I create new ad copy, I will post it to my WordPress blog in a category called current-promotions. I then use SEO Optimizer Pro to index my site, which then gives me organic traffic results for the same solo ads that I’m posting as active traffic. I also post articles, or Worldprofit newsletter content to my blog in a category called Worldprofit.
  • ​I give away upgrades to WebcastSource.net to new Silver members in my downline. Upgrades or banners, credits​, Solos, Promo Codes

I gave you a lot to chew on here. Should be a good start for some ideas.

Rich Moyer