A Little Planning Yields GREAT Returns

Make Purchases NOW to Get 2017 Tax Benefits
US Tax Benefits (may also apply in other countries)

A little planning now can reap many TAX-SAVING REWARDS!

No better time to START or GROW your ONLINE BUSINESS!

First… this is the PRIME SELLING SEASON!
More sales are made in 4Q than the other 3 quarters of the year!

Any purchases on or before December 31, 2017 REDUCE YOUR TAXABLE INCOME which means that you LEGALLY PAY LESS IN TAXES! (US only). Legitimate business deductions COULD enable you to get a BIGGER TAX REFUND.

Here are examples of purchases to make NOW so you get ALL THE TAX BENEFITS on your 2017 TAXES!

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Rich Moyer


If you make the purchase in 2017 on a credit card but don’t pay off that credit card bill until 2018, the PURCHASE TRANSACTION was completed in 2017 SO IT QUALIFIES for 2017 Tax Deductions!
(Assumes CASH method of accounting)