Ad Site Mythbusters

Have you ever seen the television show Mythbusters?

They take commonly held beliefs and conduct experiments to prove whether they are true or a myth.

Matthew Graves has applied his "scientist mindset" to his marketing and brings insights from his experiments to those who will listen. Hopefully, since you are reading this email … that means YOU!

It is amazing how many things we assume to be true can turn out to be false, when you actually test or analyze them. Even things that make common sense can turn out to be wrong under a microscope.

Today, here is some mythbusting on something we hear almost every day.

"Why does Matthew have 16 sites. It is the same people you are marketing to on each one, so if you belong to one, that’s good enough."

He used to run just one site, WebBizInsider. Then he started opening new sites because he had new, innovative ideas and he learned that the best way to get people to notice your ideas was to build a site around it. Adding new ideas to existing sites barely gets a yawn from the members. People pay attention to launches.

What he found was that every time he did a launch (or relaunch), he attracted a new group of people that didn’t belong to any of my other sites. This meant that there was some overlap, but a good portion of members at every site belonged to only 1 site.

Here are the actual stats to back it up, because you know he loves a great excuse to make a spreadsheet:

As of today, he has 171,404 active unique people at all of his sites combined, after you remove unsubscribes and bad email addresses.

77.7% belong to 1 of 16 sites (133,125 people)
13.4% belong to 2 of 16 sites (23,008 people)
5.1% belong to 3 of 16 sites (8,688 people)
1.7% belong to 4 of 16 sites (2,924 people)
0.9% belong to 5 of 16 sites (1,495 people)
0.5% belong to 6 of 16 sites (805 people)
0.7% belong to more than 6 sites (1,359 people)

So, if you are only mailing from 1 or 2 of his sites, you are probably missing the vast majority of the opportunity to reach my audience.

The most successful members who get tons of signups for their lead capture pages are making sure that they get their mail or website seen by as many of those 171,404 people as possible.

Of course, you want to grab the attention of those people and the best time to do that is during an event, like a launch or relaunch. That is why he is relaunching each of his sites on the new "Your Viral" platform over the next few months. Giving each site the opportunity to have it’s time in the limelight.

The next relaunch is happening over the next 7 days. 100 Percent Mailer is one of his most popular mailers, and it will take off in the new platform.

You can get a JV Partner position for the prelaunch, so he will put tons of random referrals under you by taking one of the Lifetime or 90 Day Premium Membership packages at 100 Percent Mailer.

This is being offered to EXISTING UPGRADED MEMBERS of his sites. Premium Upgrades can cost as little as $6 per month paid quarterly which makes it ULTRA-AFFORDABLE.

BTW, the CTRs and CONVERSION STATS on these sites are CRUSHING IT! I use each one of them EVERY DAY. AND… MY referrals go to MY Autoresponder (I prefer GetResponse or Aweber – ask me for a 30 day free trial of either).

These sites are ABSOLUTELY worth the upgrades and are WORTHY ADVERTISING SITES.

  • Your Viral List
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  • Your Viral Mailer
  • 10X Mailer
  • Hotlist Mailer

Re-Launching soon: 100 Percent Mailer

Rich Moyer