Admin: Photo Wall and Testimonials

I’ve have hired a marketing expert to help improve the marketing and conversions for Commissions Unleashed.  He has made some recommendations that will help YOU to get more referrals, and more upgrades from the  referrals you bring in.  This translates to COMMISSIONS FOR YOU!

One reason you join an Instant Commission site is for the earning potential.  The more referrals you bring in, with this new strategy, the more money YOU make!

His recommendations address the OTO (One Time Offer) pricing to appeal to those who never previously considered paid memberships.  Once those referrals are in the door as free members, we need to present them with an offer at a low-enough price point, and a high enough value proposition that they just cannot refuse to take that first step to become a paid member.

Pricing Strategy

We have changed our strategy and pricing to offer a high value Lifetime Silver Membership for only $7.  We are giving them great reasons to upgrade from a Free member:  

  • Silver members get an attractive upgrade ad package,
  • monthly credits and ad packs,  
  • Earn 33% of Sales
  • higher surf points, and
  • shorter surf timers.

Photo Wall on OTO Pages 

I am creating a Photo Wall for One-Time-Offer pages at Commissions Unleashed.  The names and photos of random members could be posted (these are set up in Edit My Details).  If you do not want your picture displayed, simply remove it from your profile page.

On the first OTO (shown to Free members), Silver member photos will be displayed.

On the next offer, shown to Silver members, Gold member photos will be displayed. 

On the next offer, shown to Gold members, Platinum member photos will be displayed.  

On the final  offer, shown to Platinum members, Founder member photos will be displayed.

This is a tool that has worked very well on many other sites.  It’s amazing how it does draw in prospects when they can place a face to the familiar names they see on emails and posts.


I am also looking for member testimonials.  Tell me about YOUR experiences at Commissions Unleashed.

  • Talk about the VALUE you see by being a member. 
  • Offers
  • Promos
  • Daily Bonus
  • Promo materials
  • Tell me about the large selection of ad types, 
  • how your ads are quickly approved, 
  • the CU Manual, videos, eBooks that discuss “Safelists as a Business”, etc.  

This is a marketing tool to help YOU get more referrals and the associated benefits.

Please submit your testimonials, and feedback by submitting a support ticket. Click the link below to submit a ticket.


Don’t forget the updated text and email ads in Affiliate Toolbox.  Promote Commissions Unleashed as though you could be getting paid to bring in referrals and convincing them to upgrade – OH WAIT – YOU ARE!

Rich Moyer

Owner and Admin