Advertising for the Budget Conscious

I  want to pass on a great opportunity to you for free or inexpensive advertising that has a HUGE reach.
I am admin for two growing safelists: GiantProfitAds, and Mad-Cow-Ads.  I am getting daily signups. I have promotions running that allow you to get thousands of points and ads for free. There is a Daily Login Bonus which can be ads or points just for entering the daily Promo Code, and a Daily Super Bonus that awards between 2000 and 5000 points just for viewing one ad.  
You can sign up for free on each safelist as a PRO member (use promo code “starter” on GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads).   You will need to upgrade to a paid JV ($67 Lifetime) or SuperJV ($97 Lifetime) member to be able to trade points for banner, button, solo, login, and PTC ads.
The rewards for referrals on GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads are HUGE.  For instance, at the SuperJV level, one referral rewards you 10,000 points, you get points every time your referral logs in, and 25% of the points THE REFERRAL earns.  You also get 60% commission on any ad purchases by your referrals.  These points can be traded for ads, or through me, you can offer rewards as incentives for referrals.
The biggest advantage is that both GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads are connected to different Super Networks:  

AFF SuperNetworks

Using my referral link to AFF SuperNetworks (I pay for a partnership so that my members get these incredible free ad packages), you get a pile of free ads monthly, and even paid ads are incredibly cheap.  AFF SuperNetworks ads (SOLO, banners, buttons, traffic links, hotlinks, etc) are sent to 74 Partner Sites – With 47,529 Total Members.   This link on GiantProfitAds is located in Advertise Here; on Mad-Cow-Ads look on the left-hand NAV menu bar.

Pinnacle Network Solo Ads

You don’t need a Pinnacle Network membership to use Pinnacle Networks on GiantProfitAds .  Pay by the drink or purchase bulk pack ads at an unbelievably reasonable price.  These ads reach ~19,703 ATTENTIVE MEMBERS on 24 sites that READ THOSE ADS.


AFF Super Solo I

At Mad-Cow-Ads you can purchase AFF Super SOLO I ads that go to over 58,207 members at 59 sites for $4.50 each or as low as $1.50 when bulk ad packages are purchased.  

Other Trusted Traffic Sources

There are links on the left-hand Nav Menu Bar for Traffic Guru, and Guaranteed Mails.  These are trusted traffic sources I use myself to promote GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads, and many other projects.

Don’t Overlook Downline Builders

I have fairly extensive list of great safelists in the downline builders – I use these every day in my own promotions.  If you join any of these yourself, and you fill out your affiliate information, if your referrals at GiantProfitAds or Mad-Cow-Ads sign up, YOU get the referral credit there.

Look for OTO’s

Many of these in my Downline Builder list have FANTASTIC One Time Offers for upgrades and/or ad packages that CANNOT BE BEAT.  I’ve gotten almost two dozen SuperJV memberships with bundles of great ad resources – quite a steal.  Even if you don’t use them right away, you can keep them for when you DO need ad resources.  Just be sure  to login every once in awhile to keep your membership alive.  Many of these are using the script I’ve written for Daily Login Bonus, so you can accrue TONS of points just by logging in and clicking a few buttons.

Upgrade Here to SuperJV

The one-time fees for Lifetime JV and SuperJV memberships at both GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads back.  Current memberships will be grandfathered.   

I am running a promotion to Buy One Get One SuperJV at GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads.  Normally,  each would be $97 Lifetime, but now, to get LIFETIME SuperJV at both GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads is $97.  

Sell Your Stuff

Use Classified Ads for selling stuff (unlike safelists where you are simply trying to BUILD your list) .  Classified Ads can be posted for free.  Classy Ads Profits

Any questions, please send an email to – THESE GET ANSWERED within 24 hours.
Thanks for your patronage and to OUR Success,
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