Why aren’t my Surf Sites Getting Any Views or Hits?

This was an actual support ticket…

Ah, what we are dealing with is member behavior.   I have some sites that are good with banners, some with solos, some with login ads.  These are “onsite” behaviors.  People who surf tend to go to Traffic Exchanges because they get higher rewards.

The majority of my members are “email surfers” –  they don’t login to the site. This may be due to more mobile devices and old scripts that are not “responsive”.
I am trying to do some “behavior modification” by making certain ad types more valuable.  Higher prices for Solo ads, emphasis on SuperNetwork Ads, emphasis on the Daily Bonus (money on the table – so little used).  and Login rewards.
Attractions like the Advertising Mini-Menu, YL Blog, Ad Status, new onsite ad types like Billboards, Blocks, AdsPlus.  Live Chat, My List, videos, the Manual, member pages, promo codes (BTW, you might be missing a few – there are some hidden that you must look for,,,)
I recommend in my book to “scope out” the different ad types on a site: use what works, ignore the ones that don’t.  Some of the best sites I use personally for solos are the worst for banners,  but one of my sites, WebcastSource.net, has double digit CTRs for banners.  Login ads are flatlined.
The key as an owner is to change these behaviors, but that takes a long time,.  (Did you know that 2 of my sites double surf points of SuperSolos at Happy Hour?)
I hope this helps you understand why safelists are more than sitting back and collecting the rent,,,