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Rich and Barb Moyer operate the Life Balance Network, a "cluster" of interrelated blogs, review sites, video sites, and eCommerce Web Stores with the major theme of health, wellness, exercise, nutrition, cooking, and recipes. A minor theme caters to the techies and home-based business "Netpreneurs" with blogs, reviews, and tutorials, including Rich's famous Tips and Techniques, and ExcelVBAWizard series tutorials.

Are you missing important email? Maybe!

Are you missing important email? Maybe!

This is an Important reminder to check your spam folder DAILY for important messages you may be missing due to spam filters.
Each day we hear from people who are not getting our support replies, and who aren’t getting important updates, sales details, or payment notices. Do you know where these legitimate emails are ending up? In your Spam folder. As a result you are missing important communications that can effect your online business.
Spam is a fact of life. We must learn to live with it but don’t less spam filters cause your business to suffer.
To avoid problems we recommend that:

-You get a free Gmail account, the reason is explained below. Do this at or
-You check your spam folder every single day to make sure GOOD email has not been filtered in with the BAD email.
Quick Tips:
1. Most people that don’t use Gmail will find emails from safelists, exchanges or automated email notices either in their spam folder or being blocked without them knowing by their ISP.,,, and especially block email WITHOUT TELLING YOU. Please be aware of this and CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Even Google will filter some legitimate email to your spam folder but they are FAR better than most other email providers in how they process their email.
2. If you use that’s good but their spam folder can be hard to find so use their help files to get to it because most likely our emails are in your Gmail spam folder. Hint look for it under the MORE section within your Gmail program.
Finally, even though you clear something in your spam folder as NOT spam, Gmail and all other providers will eventually update their filters and once again you may find good email getting filtered into your spam folder. Sadly it is you that will pay the price of having GOOD email that you have marked as GOOD go back into your spam folder. Check often and clear email back to your inbox as a habit – every single day. Keep up with it.
It’s just the way it is. Make it a habit to check your spam folder than get on with things.

If you are not gettting an email message that you are expecting,or, if you submitted a Support ticket and did not get a reply, or you suddenly stop receiving email notices from Worldprofit that you used to receive, please CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

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Rich Moyer
WorldProfit Platinum VIP Member 4+ years


New WorldProfit Silver Members in My Downline Get Free Lifetime Top Level Membership at WebcastSource. Email to 5000 every 3 days. Free Mega PLR Store.

Ideas to Help Improve Your Business

I had an extensive discussion with a fellow WorldProfit dealer. We talked about many things, but this helps me recall so I don’t go "duh" the next time we talk… I also thought of other things after we hung up.

  • WorldProfit Landing Pages – add HTML code to Header 3 for picture
    <br> <img src="" ></img><br>YOURNAME<br>YOUR MESSAGE<br>
  • Free Autoresponder and landing pages – The SuperNet Business Hub is a free autoresponder in TeamEliteHomeBusinesses. Look at the Quickstart page for free options. The key is to join as many of the 39 streams of income as a free member and update your profile with the affiliate ID’s. Once you have those updated, everything is set up for you – just promote the great looking landing pages as is. All Landing Pages and autoresponder followup messages are Done-For-You. I think you can generate an HTML form code that you can use as lead capture for your WorldProfit landing pages, or other lead capture pages.
  • Once you have your cpanel account
    • I’ll send you my _splashpagetemplate.php code and the "include" files. You simply copy the "include file" template and update the copy with the specifics for each project: 600×300 login banner, affiliate ID, HTML code for your autoresponder, and you have a custom lead capture page. I’ll give you detailed instructions once we get to that point.
    • Create a page similar to mine for eCourses
  • Rotators after your signature line on broadcasts: you have rotators available in CommissionsUnleashed, YourLuckyFastCash, CashStreamMaximizer, even as a free member. Once you get a cpanel account, I’ll give you the code I wrote for the rotators. Ideas for rotators:
    • Featured Clickbank Products – from ClickBank Promo Kit.
    • Featured eBooks – from the WorldProfit vault or Resellers Cliub.
    • Featured eCourses – from Autoresponse Center
    • Featured Business Systems – all the landing pages from affiliate programs (like those in your SuperNet Business Hub, WorldProfit)
    • Need Traffic? – your safelist affiliate IDs for sites that EARN COMMISSIONS (ie. CommissionsUnleashed, YourLuckyFastCash, CashStreamMaximizer, EvolutionAds, Dave Mosher VIP upgrades)
    • Here is a sample of some of mine.

Check Out Today’s Featured ClickBank Product


Check out Today’s Free eBook or Video


Check Out Today’s Featured Home Business System


Free Marketing Reports


(Click Link Again for More Choices)

  • Create Ebooks – use the Article Directory or PLR from Vault (if Rights allow it) for content. Use the WorldProfit landing pages (LP Design 4) to promote your ebooks. Add them to your WorldProfit website
  • You DO have an autoresponder as a Platinum VIP member. It allows creation of your own autoresponse sequences and has a link to create the sign-up form (I have over 500 subscribers to 13 eCourses)
  • If you need sample autoresponse messages, see my blog:
  • Broadcast content: 400 Home Business Tips (my most popular list). You MAY copy these – just include copyright info but DELETE the statement that says your subscribers can copy them. Only I can grant that license. Sign up on my blog
  • Sign up for as a free member. When I see your confirmation, I’ll upgrade you to Lifetime member. This site is a clone of Quantum Safelist, the mothership of WorldProfit. It also includes the MegaPLRStore (but you already get that as Platinum VIP). I’ll dump a bunch of safelist points and solos (to 9,000+ members on the WorldProfit SuperNetwork) onto your ID. Member-2-Member Email to 5,000 every 3 days. Double digit CTRs on banners and text ads – they appear in the WorldProfit rotators.
  • I will be admin of 3 sites I am "rescuing" – Once I get them fixed up, I’ll send you links to join as a free member and I’ll comp you the upgrades
  • Join startup sites that offer free upgrades. Startup sites tend to have ACTIVE members, lots of perks
  • – get a free account
    • Put html code they give you in the Analytics box of every WorldProfit landing page
  • Rent a safelist from Kenny Lessing that includes 2 or more SuperNetworks.

    • Cost is $5-$15 per month including hosting.
    • You get 2-4 SuperSolos per month for each SuperNetwork.
    • Promote your site, upgrade specials.
    • You get unlimited advertising for your own programs: WorldProfit, cross-promote your commission-earning safelists, banners.
    • Send Admin ads or Solo Ads daily
    • Offer Universal Bonus Builder traffic packages as incentives
    • If the site allows creation of custom pages, add pages for Free eCourses, Free eBooks, WorldProfit Rotators, ClickBank Store, MegaPLR Store
    • Most sites have an autoresponder. Create message stream of "how-to" messages for each of the site functions (You can copy/adapt from mine on Put incentives, rotators after your signature line
    • Offer free upgrades for new Silver members in your WorldProfit downline – good incentives, a place for them to promote,
    • Offer promo codes as incentives
    • Create a custom splash page (like with lead capture to your WorldProfit autoresponder or TEHB
    • Put html code for MyLiveChat in site footer
  • Promo Codes for sites I just sold – the admin has not removed the promo codes (I’m not pushing upgrades, just join sites for free to get the free ads from promo codes)
  • Free Organic Traffic – post your current promotions ad copy to your blog.
    • Use the free WorldProfit blog, or sign up for a free WordPress blog at
    • Add your signature line with rotators, Universal Bonus Builder traffic packages, ebooks, etc.
  • You already have a Personal Live Business Center and Live Meeting Center as Platinum VIP


Rich Moyer
WebcastSource .com
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
Email: richard.moyer.1953
Paying It Forward…

Making Sales by Knowing and Believing in What You Offer!

Making Sales by Knowing and Believing in What You Offer!

As a Silver or Platinum Package owner you know what is included in your package, and if you don’t know, it’s a good idea to review the details. Your Associates are going to want to know the value of getting a Silver or Platinum package. They will have little interest in upgrading if they don’t appreciate the value of what they get for their membership.

Associates thinking about upgrading to a Silver or Platinum Package are going to want to know things like:

-the fact that they can use the tools, traffic and resources included in their Membership can be used to promote ANY business, affiliate, or opportunity -not just those offered by Worldprofit
-the fact that they get their own domain, hosting and design set up in 48 biz hours
-the fact that they get automatic enrollment in the Worldprofit Resellers Club. This gives them unlimited download privileges to current, hot, and in-demand products to help build any business!
– Worldprofit releases about once a month at least $400 of new products into the PLR STORE/VAULTevery month. Silver and Platinum owners get these FREE for personal use. Platinum VIP Members can also sell them and keep 100% of the profit.
-Associates want to know how they make money with the Worldprofit system and how much commission is paid out for referrals as well as how to qualify for bonuses. We have included a Commission Chart in your Member area so you know how much and when you get paid. Look for this in your Member area on the left hand menu under "Sales and Commissions" then "Commission and Bonus Program".

Your goal and daily task is to send traffic to your site and to your Landing pages so the Monitors can greet your traffic and try to convert Associates into Silver or Platinum Members. BUT knowing what you are selling, the value of the products and services we offer, and the fact that Worldprofit has been around for nearly 20 years will go a long way to helping you build your Worldprofit business.

Make good use of ALL the tools, training ads, and resources we offer you so you understand what we offer and why people benefit when they buy it.

Attend the live Bootcamp Training sessions or watch the recorded version so you know the latest developments and can maximize your profit opportunities.

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Rich Moyer
WorldProfit Platinum VIP Member 4+ years


New WorldProfit Silver Members in My Downline Get Free Lifetime Top Level Membership at WebcastSource. Email to 5000 every 3 days. Free Mega PLR Store.

3 Primary Reasons – How to build a successful online business

Top 3 Reasons people who graduate from Home Business Bootcamp go onto build successful online business.

1st Reason. They understand power of list building. They understand that the key to building any business, selling any product, or service is to build a list. You may not fully understand how, but the steps of the bootcamp show you how EXACTLY to build this list and yes build your sales and your business. It is not an instant results exercise. Those that apply what we teach consistently and have a little patience DO see the results. You must be a visionary and think beyond today. MacDonalds Restaurants started with ONE restaurant and a handful of customers. Today they have thousands of restaurants worldwide and have served billions of customers. This didn’t happen in a day, a week, or a year. It took consistent effort to build over time.

2nd Reason. Those who graduate understand The KISS Principle (Keep it Simple Silly). This expression applies once again. Yes, there is a lot to learn in building an online business. Yes, it takes time but if you take it one day at a time. Follow the instructions going back to basics and focus on what is important to get back on track. Successful people are determined. They are patient and they keep a positive attitude. You want to know the best way to doom your sales and your success? Be a sour puss! Positive people are winners. Like attracts like.

3rd Reason. Those who graduate are familiar and consistently use the extensive number of automated tools and support and training included in the Member area. Remember! We tested the automated tools, we built them in some cases, others we purchased once convinced of their value and we provide them to YOU! Successful people realize that a certain level of automation for specific tasks allow you more time to build your business. The successful are those who are the doers! Remember the character Forest from the movie Forrest Gump? He was not the brightest lad but he was a DOER! He made things happen, not by brilliance but by taking consistent action to get results.

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Rich Moyer
WorldProfit Platinum VIP Member 4+ years


New WorldProfit Silver Members in My Downline Get Free Lifetime Top Level Membership at WebcastSource. Email to 5000 every 3 days. Free Mega PLR Store.

Solo Ads to over 9,000 Members

Solo Ads go to over 9000 Members
on over 50 sites in the WorldProfit SuperNetwork

Purchase single Solo Ads using the Order Center for only $3.00 Each.

  • The SAME SOLOS at Quantum Safest cost $5.00 each

Bulk pricing is available: 10 Solos for $8.95

  • Bulk purchases can be ordered HERE
  • Solo Ads don’t expire

We Want to Send Your Solos NOW!

Not a member? Join WebcastSource Here

Rich Moyer

You Have the Power. Use It!

You Have the Power. Use It!

As a member of WebcastSource. net, you ALREADY have the power in your hands. All you have to do is USE IT!

Banner Ads and Text Ads are getting AMAZING amounts of VIEWS and CLICKS.

Why? These ads are seen by over 23,000 members of the WorldProfit SuperNetwork safelist sites

These banners are being shown on over 5500 sites in the WorldProfit Banner Rotator system

Banner and Text Ads are NOT DEAD!

Other places that are good Banner sites:

  • TheDownliner – Incredible traffic for $9.95 per month + TDL Machine – autopilot AIOP signup
  • WorldProfit Gold Banner Rotator – 5 Banners unlimited views & clicks for 1 year. I personally got 10,000+ views and hundreds of clicks last year. $47 per year
  • WebTraffic4U – great safelist with good banner stats. Now has Solo Ads
  • vTrafficRush – own a site like this for $20 one-time. 50% commissions. From the owner of SOTAM
  • Rotate My Sites – Fantastic, unique banner rotator site, great commissions
  • Quick Paying Ads – Revshare that earns up to 150%. Buy 15 shares at once and get UNLIMITED banner and text ads for LIFE
  • Confirmed Traffic – great banner stats and Co-Admin upgrade earns 100% commission PLUS Admin share!
  • Banner Ads are Back – great report
  • Cash In on Banners – one-time $10 upgrade puts your banners on thousands of pages. 100% Commissions so you are break-even with ONE referral.

Passive Traffic methods such as Banner and Text Link Advertising should be an integral part of your traffic strategy. Read more about it in my book, "A Traffic Strategy"

Get the ebook

Rich Moyer


Upgraded WebcastSource members receive monthly safelist and exchange credits. Free members do not.

A Little Planning Yields GREAT Returns

Make Purchases NOW to Get 2017 Tax Benefits
US Tax Benefits (may also apply in other countries)

A little planning now can reap many TAX-SAVING REWARDS!

No better time to START or GROW your ONLINE BUSINESS!

First… this is the PRIME SELLING SEASON!
More sales are made in 4Q than the other 3 quarters of the year!

Any purchases on or before December 31, 2017 REDUCE YOUR TAXABLE INCOME which means that you LEGALLY PAY LESS IN TAXES! (US only). Legitimate business deductions COULD enable you to get a BIGGER TAX REFUND.

Here are examples of purchases to make NOW so you get ALL THE TAX BENEFITS on your 2017 TAXES!

Get these NOW – Limited time offers, but BE SURE YOU FINALIZE THE TRANSACTION BEFORE DEC 31, 2017 to qualify for the 2017 tax benefits.

Check out these deals and much more + links, details, and bonuses

Rich Moyer


If you make the purchase in 2017 on a credit card but don’t pay off that credit card bill until 2018, the PURCHASE TRANSACTION was completed in 2017 SO IT QUALIFIES for 2017 Tax Deductions!
(Assumes CASH method of accounting)

5 of the last 7 sales were upgrades to Ultimate Lifetime members

Facts and Solutions: Build Your List. Earn with Your List.

Your List.
How to Get It
How to Promote To It
How to Earn Money


  • You WILL NOT GET BUYERS on first exposure to your offer
  • It takes 7-11 exposures to move someone from Lead to Prospect to Customer
  • You will NOT succeed promoting the company website for affiliate programs
  • You WILL NOT succeed without a LIST
  • You need LEAD CAPTURE PAGES to build your LIST
  • You need LEAD CAPTURE PAGES to differentiate YOU from OTHER AFFILIATES
  • You need TRAFFIC to promote those Lead Capture Pages
  • The MONEY is NOT in the LIST but the FOLLOWUP to that LIST
  • The BEST way to do that followup is with an AUTORESPONDER
  • People pay TOO MUCH for autoresponders


  • TEAM ELITE RESPONDER from Team Elite Home Businesses is the best VALUE in an autoresponder
  • A Lifetime Gold upgrade for TEHB is less than 3 MONTHS of Aweber or GetResponse
  • The TEHB Lifetime Gold Upgrade can be financed with 10 Easy Payments
    • $5.95 for 10 payments to get Lifetime Gold that earns 30% or
    • $9.95 for 10 payments to get Lifetime Emerald that earns 40% or
    • $11.95 for 10 payments to get Lifetime Ultimate that earns 50% Commissions
  • A Lifetime Membership PROTECTS YOUR LEADS
  • TEHB Quickstart Program
  • Done-For-You lead capture pages are included
  • Done-For-You autoresponder followup campaigns are included
  • 39 Streams of Income are included
  • Traffic solutions included
  • Step By Step Training included
  • Start small and GROW your business with this plan

5 of the past 7 sales at TEHB were Ultimate Memberships
with the one-time payment of $147.00! These members earn 50%
Commissions (~$70 commission per Ultimate upgrade).

Action Required:

Rich Moyer

PS – I am here to HELP YOU but you must COMMIT.

No Money Solution

No Money Solution
Everybody tells the same story… No Money
I get it.

But it is a matter of priorities, and how serious you are about starting a business.

If you are not willing to INVEST IN YOURSELF,
you are not serious. It’s a hobby.

BUT, if you need a JUMPSTART…

The QuickStart program includes a SuperNet Business Hub
with 39 Streams of Income

This is a way for you to get started for almost nothing… but…
You must be willing to INVEST YOUR TIME, and

We can help at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.

I will help if you are COMMITTED.

Get your free SuperNet Business Hub and Quickstart HERE

Rich Moyer