Banner Ads Not Gettiung Clicks?

Q. Why are my banner ads getting no clicks?

A. Not all sites perform exceptionally for all ad types. That is why I recommend submitting a couple "test" ads before submitting a bunch of ads.

I’m not sure which site you are referencing. Critical Mass Ads, Leads2Cash, and ViralCashMultiplier all have fair-to-good banner and text ad stats. gets double digit CTRs for banner ads. Banner and text ads are considered PASSIVE TRAFFIC. You set and forget these ads.

The most effective ACTIVE TRAFFIC ad types found on safelists when promoting landing pages for building your list (in descending order) are:

  • SuperNetwork Solos (80-150 clicks per ad)
  • Solos, HP Solos, and Set N Forget Solos (5-20 clicks per ad)
  • Credit Mails (5-10 clicks per ad)

This does not mean you should not submit other ad types, just realize that each site is different, the profile, advertising style and focus of members can be different site to site.

Marketing is a NUMBERS GAME. The more exposure using ads of every type, the higher probability that your ads will be seen, people click on them, and people join, and maybe even make purchases. It takes 7-11 exposures to move someone from LEAD (curious) to PROSPECT (interested) to CUSTOMER (buyer).

"The Money is In The LIST" only tells part of the story. "The Money is in the FOLLOWUP to the LIST". THIS is where an autoresponder helps you automatically do that followup, and give you the ability to broadcast and communicate with YOUR subscribers.

The best way to ensure members will see YOUR ads is to PROMOTE THIS SITE, GET REFERRALS and build your downline. Join sites in the Referral Builder and populate your referral builder with your affiliate id or affiliate URL. Your referrals join the referral builder sites UNDER YOU. YOU can earn when your referrals upgrade or purchase ads. You can send emails to your referrals.

Just understand that your PRIMARY FOCUS should be using ACTIVE TRAFFIC methods on many different sites (different sets of eyes) to build your list. Promote only landing pages (that do lead capture). Choose advertising sites that have a large ACTIVE membership (the total number of members may not necessarily indicate ACTIVE members).

Which autoresponder should you use? ASK ME!

How do you know the best performing advertising sites? ASK ME! These are sites I use myself.

Where to get the best deals on upgrades that give you monthly ads, lowest prices on Supernetwork Solos and paid ad sources? ASK ME!