Banner Ads

New video explains setup and where to get image and target url

The target URL is your affiliate ID, a cloaked URL, or landing page so when the banner is clicked, it is whatever you have setup

Ideally the flow should be: Landing Page ->Autoresponder Opt-in confirmation-> Redirect to affiliate ID

The way I would approach this for now is to cloak your affiliate ID using viralurl.

Use the ViralURL shortened link as the targeturl everywhere.

Consider giving ViralURL links a descriptive name ie /lkl2c for (your initials) (site abbreviation)

Once you can create a landing page using TEHB, then make the affiliate ID the landing page redirect in TEHB, then make the ViralURL link you have already created point to the landing page This is an advantage of using ViralURL because you can use the ViralURL shortened link on every safelist or traffic exchange as your target URL, and you can change out the actual URL without having to go back to update each place you used that targeturl.