Battle of Graphic Ad Sizes – The Clueless and The Abusers

Graphic Ad Sizes

One of the constant battles I fight on a daily basis as an admin for my TAE’s (also called Safelists, Traffic Ad Exchanges) is the Battle of Graphic Ad Sizes – The Clueless and The Abusers.   The problem is that oversized ads actually fail the framebreaker test, and they in fact do cause distortion of the whole presentation area, they encroach on input forms, and just create havoc.

Most normal safelist users are clueless.  They don’t know the difference between a Banner ad (468×60), a Button Ad (125×125) and a Login Ad (600×300).  They simply use what the admins of their affiliate program supply for them.  In many cases, I attempt to contact the member, and ask them to contact the program admin to post the correct size ads.  Honestly, it is a waste of time and effort in most cases.  Even the admins do not know that these three ad sizes are the only accepted graphic ads in 95% of TAE’s and Banner Exchanges.

There is an easy way to test the ad size: if using Chrome or Firefox, simply right click the graphic, and Open in a New Tab – the size will be at the end of the tab tag in parenthesis.

The Abusers are those people who knowingly submit TONS of ads with full knowledge that they are the wrong ad size.  If I find one login ad that is the wrong size, it’s a good bet that many others are being submitted, for multiple programs.   Since I connected my TAE’s to several “Blaster” sites, I get bombarded with oversize ads.  AND, the same people are purposely submitting UNDER SIZED ADS to get attention.   OK, in this case, even though they are breaking  the rules and in violation of the TOS, they are not breaking frames, so I let them pass.

The major problem I have is with 600×300 Login Ads.  I have many serial abusers.  So, I installed some code that adds the width and height to the approval window.  That makes it  so much easier, but there are some sneaky graphic designers who put a small or non-existing graphic in Layer 0 (on a multi-layer or GIF Ad).  In that case it does not report the graphic dimensions.

The code I added was pretty simple.  The $variables are the result of the select statement and are pretty self explanatory.

list($width, $height) = getimagesize($bannerurl);
echo “width: ” . $width . “<br />”;
echo “height: ” . $height;

The workhorse in this code is getimagesize() which returns an array.

  • Element 0 is WIDTH
  • Element 1 is HEIGHT

There is so much more information about the graphic object, but these are the only two elements I care about here.

So, when I add this code, here’s what it looks like:


I added several other reports:

  • View Login Ads By Userid – I prompt for the userid to select and display all Login ads submitted by that member.
  • View All Oversize Login Ads – I haven’t found a way to make this run any faster – with over 5000 login ads in my database, it takes awhile to determine the oversize ads and display them in an approval window.
  • Graphic Preview – I modified the Graphic Preview code to display the width and height.  At some point (when I figure out how to screen those Layer 0 ads that so not display the size), I will also put up blocker code that will keep them from submitting oversize ads.

I receive hundreds to thousands of ads per day, many of which originate from the blaster systems.  I have also put some additional reports that help me segregate the locally submitted ads from the blaster-originated ads.  Even though these ads are SUPPOSED to be approved at the originating site, I still get SO MANY that were just summarily approved just to clear the queue.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you.

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