BlastOff Super Network Solos Prices Reduced!

Network marketing has experienced the loss of many good people, many great sites, and many great SuperNetworks in the past few months for a number of reasons, but I am pleased that my sites have weathered the rough times and are actually seeing healthy growth, and a very positive outlook to the future.

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan (and consumer) of SuperNetwork Ads. It’s made a world of difference in my own marketing efforts.

OneStopSolos was doing well with SuperNetwork traffic prior to January 1. The good news is that OneStopSolos still has a strong, ACTIVE membership, and the one remaining Supernetwork on OneStopSolos is great.

Blast-off Network is one of my favorite SuperNetworks with 69 sites, and over 111,000 members. It is the best kept secret in Network Marketing.

I was seeing people shy away due to the $8.99 pricetag. Well, Dave Mosher, the network owner, just dropped the minimum price to $6.95 today. He also dropped the Bulk purchase price to 5 for $25.00 USD.

Learn to Look Beyond Price

When I look at CTRs, it’s obvious that our members clearly do not understand the value they get by posting their ads with this supernetwork. Or for that matter, ANY of the SuperNetworks on any of my sites.

I just took a snapshot of the last few ads I sent on Blastoff SuperNetwork (note that these ads have not finished sending to the full membership yet):




OK. the CTR PERCENTAGE is typical for most safelists, but it is the SHEER VOLUME that is impressive. This particular ad is only HALF WAY THROUGH sending to the full 111,000 members, and I GOT 229 CLICKS SO FAR!

Another example:


About 2/3rds through BUT I GOT 310 CLICKS SO FAR!

I personally send between 200,000 and 400,000 emails per day (NOT including the traffic on my networks from my subscribers). I get from 1200 to 2400 CLICKS PER DAY! EVERY DAY! I bring in 20-50 NEW LEADS every day!

HOW? I have a TRAFFIC STRATEGY that strongly relies on traffic using SUPERNETWORKS!

Get a copy of my book – it is available on all my sites, “A Traffic Strategy”

Can you imagine what YOUR results could be? How many new subscribers YOU could be getting? How much more likely you are to be generating SALES?

SuperNetworks are an IMPORTANT element in the success of MY business. It could also help YOUR business.

My sites have SO MUCH MORE to offer, in ADDITION to SuperNetworks. Get ENGAGED, Get ACTIVE, and you WILL see RESULTS!


Rich Moyer


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