Bounced eMails – ACTION REQUIRED

Just a reminder:  GMAIL is the recommended eMail system because it has the fewest incidents of “bounce” and has proven reliability for the activities associated with Safelists and Internet Marketing.  GMAIL is FREE.

There are many users who have ignored THE REQUIREMENT TO USE GMAIL for their primary contact email.  Consequently, I have been forced to delete many accounts at GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads, and EmpireTextAds.

Using other mail systems like Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, and Hotmail has debilitating effects, not only to the mailer functions of the safelist itself, but also to my own email addresses used for notifications of administrative issues that require my attention. 

If you are using ANYTHING BUT GMAIL:

  • Go to and create a GMAIL Account
  • Login to each safelist (, and
  • Select Edit My Details at the bottom of the NAV bar on the left side of the screen.
  • Update your email address on the profile page
  • Click the SAVE button.

You’re done!


Accounts that bounce WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE.  

You will be able to create a new account immediately but DO NOT USE ANYTHING BUT A GMAIL EMAIL ACCOUNT!!! 


The ONLY way to get paid commissions and prizes is by using Paypal.  If you do not have a Paypal account, Sign Up for FREE at

 Graphic Images

The integrity of the ad rotator requires that the maximum dimensions for graphic images should be:

  • Banner Ads – 468×60
  • Button Ads – 125×125
  • Login Ads – 600×300

Ads that exceed these limits will be denied and your account will be credited with the points.  If you need assistance with an ad graphic, submit your issue on a support ticket.

 System Integrity

I have a responsibility to maintain the highest availability levels for these safelists, and to ensure the integrity of the systems.   As administrator, I must also enforce the published Terms of Service rules to keep our advertising community in compliance and in good standing for all regulations. 

Thank you for your cooperation.  Submit any questions on a support ticket from, or respectively.

Rich Moyer