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What you need to know about Bitcoin so you can make money – and not lose your shirt!

We share what you need to know including:

>>> 7 Crypto Trading Techniques plus…

– What is Bitcoin
– Bitcoin Scams you should avoid
– Things to know BEFORE investing in Bitcoin
– How to make money with Bitcoin
– What you need to know about Bitcoin Mining
– 4 Easy ways to acquire Bitcoin
– Reasons Bitcoin is here to stay
– Bitcoin Wallets, important facts!
– Secure trading platforms to buy and sell Bitcoin

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Yours In Success,

Rich Moyer

100,000 eyeballs on your site starting now at no cost

​There have been changes at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses. The free Supernet Hub ​was very limited. The Gold membership is now $7.95 per month (the upgrade link on the page you sent me). 1/3rd the cost of Aweber. Unlimited subscribers, landing pages, messages, campaigns. Clearly my favorite

I still think th

​at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses is

the best bargain in autoresponders out there right now. There is so much done for you, so many landing pages, so many campaigns that are already built for you

​. A

ll you have to do is fill out your profile and as you join these different initiatives update your profile with

​ y​



affiliate ID

​s. J

ust promote th


e pages


Here is a step-by-step on how to get set up to promote a WorldProfit link

  • Join here.
  • Update ​your TEHB profile with your WorldProfit associate ID after Worldprofit Url & Banner Rotators (5621508).
  • Go to Capture Pages – WorldProfit
  • Edit one of the capture pages for WorldProfit.
  • Edit Settings
  • Update contact group to TheSupernet
  • Update the redirect URL with the URL for your WorldProfit ad (in the WorldProfit associate member area).
  • Save
  • Go back to My Capture Pages
  • Press the END key on your keyboard
  • Right click the last page and copy the link address. THIS is the URL you will promote INSTEAD of the URL in your WorldProfit ad so you are capturing these leads in YOUR autoresponder.

Now follow the directions on that page to set up your multiple streams of income to capture your leads and do automatic followup

Promote each landing page on safelists using credit mails or solo ads using the ad copy from the program you are promoting, but remember to use the LANDING PAGE URL as the targeturl

I gave you a list of safelists to join that have free ads and promo codes. Here are more promo codes

Here is my ONE Time Offer to you for accepting the above:

– Upgrade to Platinum at

– 50,000 Credits

– 2 Solo Ads To: 995 Members

– 5 Banners Ads (1000 Views Each)

– 2 Login Ads (100 Views Each)

– 5 Link Ads (150 Views Each)

Value: $197

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After you upgrade, email me at richard.moyer.1953 and

give me your user ID for and I will

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Instant Profit Mailer Relaunches as a Your Viral Network Site

The first "Your Viral" launch of 2018 is now on! Instant Profit Mailer has just relaunched in the "Your Viral" platform.

This is another amazing chance for you to get access to a high-quality traffic source, while adding dozens of members to your email list each month!

Even if you don’t have an auto-responder yet, you know how important it is to build a responsive mailing list. Instant Profit Mailer will store your list for you until you pick an auto-responder and then transfer all your leads over for you.

In addition, every person you refer can earn their Premium Membership at Instant Profit Mailer by passing up 5 referrals to you. So now they are helping to build your list too.

True viral list building.

The "Your Viral" sites have added over 75,000 subscribers to the mailing list of their members in the last 9 months. How about you get yours?

It is time to act because Instant Profit Mailer just relaunched on January 2nd.


Rich Moyer


EARN YOUR PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP by passing up 5 referrals to your sponsor. That gets you 90 Days of Premium Membership just from promoting your referral url.

Premium Members get a massive amount of benefits:

– 1,000 DAILY Mailing Credits

– Double Credits for Clicking Email Links

– Send Messages Every Day (Free Is 3 Days)

– Earn 50% Commissions

– Random Referrals to Your Downline

– Viral Pass Up Members from Your Referrals

Don’t Pay Those Taxes!!

Don’t Pay Those Taxes!!


Purchases You Can Make NOW that COULD Get You a Bigger Tax Refund!
That’s Right!
LEGALLY REDUCE the amount of taxes
you pay to the Government!!!

Make Large Purchases On or Before
December 31, 2017 to Qualify as 2017 Business Expenses

Legitimate Business Expenses REDUCE your Taxable Income.
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Rich Moyer

23 December, 2017 14:55

You Could Get An Amazing Number of New Signups

The "Your Viral" Platform sites have experienced an amazing number of new signups because people are joining to get the valuable bonuses Matthew is giving away

All the activity has allowed us to distribute over 600 new members as Random Referrals to the Premium Members of the sites … in just 4 days!

These signups get added to Premium members’ downlines and their auto-responder lists. Some are even turning into commissions as the new members upgrade their accounts.

We have almost 2 weeks of bonuses left to give away, plus lots of surprise gifts as well. That is going to mean THOUSANDS of more random referrals before the new year.

If you want to get some of those Random Referrals for yourself, then you need to make sure that you are a Premium Member at the sites giving them away.



  • Your Viral List (List builder site only. All others are Mailers and list builders)
  • Your Viral Traffic
  • Your Viral Mailer
  • 10X Mailer
  • 100 Percent Mailer
  • HotListMailer
  • WebsBestMailer
  • SocialMessageConnect

You can find links to Premium Membership at all of my sites on the special offers page below. Premium upgrades are an incredible bargain ($97 Lifetime or $18/quarter). Premium members earn 50% commission, get 1000 mailer credits per day, receive random referrals.

Click the Credit Link to join, and access the Premium Upgrade links From ALL the Sites

Rich Moyer

The World’s Simplest Income Machine

What do you get when you match up

Maryanne Myers, Jay Carey, and Joe Freyaldenhoven?

The World’s Simplest Income Machine

Simple. Unlimited Potential.

One Link will deliver Three Income Streams

  • TheDownliner will Advertise to 13,296 traffic sites
  • #1GoldMine will Blast to 338,000 marketers
  • Team Elite Home Businesses handles the autoresponder lead pages and messages

Earn up to $106 per referral

Rich Moyer


Here is my ONE Time Offer to you for accepting the above:

– 20,000 Credits at EmailMyAds
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Value: $97

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Free points, Ads Just by Logging In

Free points, Ads Just by Logging In

It takes 1 minute.
Login to Critical Mass Ads

  • Get 1200 points foir viewing the fullpage ad in the login sequence
  • Click the Daily Bonus for random points (opens in a new tab). I got 1342 this morning
  • Click the banner and text links in the header of the Daily Bonus ad for more points
  • Click Daily Promo Code for the Free Ad of the Day

Earn more credits

  • View Solos – up to 500 points each
  • View Premium Ads – up to 500 points each
  • View Spotlight Ads – up to 500 points each
  • View AdsPlus Ads – up to 300 points each
  • View Headline Ads – up to 300 points each
  • View Billboard Ads – up to 300 points each
  • View Button Ads – up to 250 points each
  • View Blcks Ads – up to 250 points each
  • Surf – up to 75 points each

Post at least one ad per day – Most effective in order:

  • SuperNetwork Solo, Solo Ads, System/Credit Mailer
  • Login, Spotlight Ads, Start Pages
  • Featured, AdsPlus, Headline, Billboard
  • Text Links
  • Banners, Buttons

How a Gold Upgrade can Improve Your Business

  • Higher point values for viewing ads
  • Shorter click timers when viewing ads
  • Get a HUGE Ad Pack
  • Receive MONTHLY ADS
  • Earn 50% of Sales
  • Earn credits when your referrals login
  • Earn credits when your referrals earn credits
  • Positions you to receive exclusive offers and bonuses offered only to upgraded members
  • Only $17 one-time. 2nd Chance OTO

Other Benefits

  • BOGO – Buy One SuperNetwork Solo, Get a Solo Free
  • CMA News
  • Free eCourses
  • Free eBooks
  • Free Marketing Reports
  • Clickbank Store – THOUSANDS of top quality, best selling digital products
  • Mega PLR Store – Over 200 top quality, inexpensive ebooks, ecourses, videos, software
  • Gold or Higher in my downline get free top-level upgrade to WebcastSource Safelist/Exchange

I hope this helps you to understand why logging to the site every day is FAR BETTER than just clicking emails.

And… I hope you see how a one-time cost of $17 can truly benefit YOUR business

Rich Moyer

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Give the Gift of a Solo Ad Blaster

Give the Gift of a Solo Ad Blaster for the Cost of a Large Pizza (hint: you can buy one for yourself)

  • 15 Solo Ads for 1 Year (change as often as you like).
  • Guaranteed Views – View One Get One Viewed
  • No Email Ever – View Ads in your Online Inbox
  • Own this site for $15. Keep 100% of the first 4 sales (I broke even in 8 hours after I purchased my site)
  • Resell and earn commissions over and over.
  • All Training Videos included.
  • All Promo materials included. Banners, Text Ads, Tweets, Solo Ad Copy.

Copy, Paste, Earn, or teach someone how
(Give the gift of a business and future tax advantages).

Rich Moyer


Free Lifetime SJV at SoloAdsWork with site purchase

Signups and sales with little work

Don’t dismiss this great little 15 dollar system.

I’m a huge Tim Drobnick fan…
Geo Monroe is one of my favorite SPONSORS and also a GOOD CUSTOMER!

Tim and Geo’s new site is called, what else…
the Tim N Geo Solo Ad Blaster!

I’m getting HUGEtraffic from places I’ve never heard of..
Signups and sales with little work
And I’m making cash. I broke even with my first sale within 8 hours of signing up.

You should really check this out!
Tim and Geo are now guaranteeing 50 dollars per day payouts to YOU.

Don’t dismiss this great little $15 system.
You makeResidual Income with EASE AND get a great Solo Advertising Site!
What are you waiting for?

Rich Moyer

SizzlingSafelistMailer Is On FIRE!!!

SizzlingSafelistMailer Is OnFIRE!!!

We’re Giving Away 2,500 FREE Silver Upgrades

Referral Commissions Ranging From 25%, 50%, and a SIZZLING 75%!!!

Join For Free Get A Ton Of Ads
When you register for free, you will automatically receive
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Then Claim Your FREE Life-Time Silver Upgrade Promo Code
Promo Code:2500FreeSilverUpgrades

Use Promo Code: 2500FreeSilverUpgrades and your account will automatically be upgraded to Silver for LIFE! Plus, you’ll receive an additional 10,000 Credits, 10 Solo Ads, 10 HP Solos, 10 Banner Ads, 10 Button Ads, and 10 Text Links

Mail 1X Per Day
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That’s A Total Of 15,000 Credits, 15 Solo Ads, 15 HP Solos, 15 Banner Ads, 15 Button Ads and 15 Text Links – ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Don’t miss out on the Gold and VIP Dimesales!
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