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Do You Have A Time-Sensitive Campaign?

One of the most annoying, and frustrating things in network marketing are artificial deadlines, and massive “releases”. I get it. I understand. It’s a “gravity” issue – there is no changing it.

What I can do to help.

As a network marketer myself, if for no other reason, these “events” do generate LOTS of traffic, and require a certain amount of attention to timing issues.

As a network marketer, there is nothing more annoying than putting forth the effort to have ads lined up, ready to go, and you push the button the second you are allowed to release your promos, only to realize that the administrators of your advertising venues only approve ads every 24 to 48 hours, so all the work you did up front is for naught.

As a system administrator, I get it. I WANT to help you get your promotions released and distributed ON TIME.

PLEASE submit a support ticket so we can discuss it!

  • I will help YOU understand the lead times, and distribution timeframes (many of which I have no control over).
  • I can recommend the best places to promote, and will help you research and acquire resources.
  • I can facilitate bulk purchases and
  • I can help you develop a PLAN (you know, like PROFESSIONAL marketers do – I did planning, project management and consulting for a living).
  • I will help you set up your timeline, and
  • I will ensure that your ads are submitted and approved on time (at least for the resources I control).

THIS is how the PROS DO IT!

This is how the PROS MAKE MONEY! I’m here to be a PARTNER IN YOUR SUCCESS!

Rich Moyer

What is the difference between a text link and a website url?

Question from member:

What is the difference between a text link and a website url?


Let’s explain about several types of ads:

Text Ads and Surf Sites.

When you read an email, when you click a credit link in the body of the email you receive, in the header of webpage that displays is generally a banner, but there could also be a “text ad”. All the viewer sees is the information you put in the “text link” field when defining a text ad. In those headers, both banners and text ads are clickable, and you earn credits for clicking them.

A text ad could also appear in the member area on the safelist.

So, there are two parts to a text ad:
The “text link” field is the human-readable message that the viewer sees.

The “website URL” is the address of webpage that displays when the viewer clicks that link. The web address must start with http://. This may also be called the “target URL” on some systems.

A TEXT AD (found in Advertising | Text Advertising) is different than your sites (found in Advertising | Add Your Sites).

On the “Add Your Sites” page, the name is just for your reference – the viewer never sees it. These are the websites that are displayed when “surfing”. To see sites that other members have posted in Add Your Sites, (you cannot see your own), go to Earn | Surf Websites.

I hope this answered your question.

Shortly, there will be a “manual” posted, a blog, training videos. This is a relatively new site, and all of the improvements I have made on some of my “needier” sites are still a work in progress here.

I just got your second ticket, but I think this answers that question also.

Rich Moyer

BlastOff Super Network Solos Prices Reduced!

Network marketing has experienced the loss of many good people, many great sites, and many great SuperNetworks in the past few months for a number of reasons, but I am pleased that my sites have weathered the rough times and are actually seeing healthy growth, and a very positive outlook to the future.

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan (and consumer) of SuperNetwork Ads. It’s made a world of difference in my own marketing efforts.

OneStopSolos was doing well with SuperNetwork traffic prior to January 1. The good news is that OneStopSolos still has a strong, ACTIVE membership, and the one remaining Supernetwork on OneStopSolos is great.

Blast-off Network is one of my favorite SuperNetworks with 69 sites, and over 111,000 members. It is the best kept secret in Network Marketing.

I was seeing people shy away due to the $8.99 pricetag. Well, Dave Mosher, the network owner, just dropped the minimum price to $6.95 today. He also dropped the Bulk purchase price to 5 for $25.00 USD.

Learn to Look Beyond Price

When I look at CTRs, it’s obvious that our members clearly do not understand the value they get by posting their ads with this supernetwork. Or for that matter, ANY of the SuperNetworks on any of my sites.

I just took a snapshot of the last few ads I sent on Blastoff SuperNetwork (note that these ads have not finished sending to the full membership yet):




OK. the CTR PERCENTAGE is typical for most safelists, but it is the SHEER VOLUME that is impressive. This particular ad is only HALF WAY THROUGH sending to the full 111,000 members, and I GOT 229 CLICKS SO FAR!

Another example:


About 2/3rds through BUT I GOT 310 CLICKS SO FAR!

I personally send between 200,000 and 400,000 emails per day (NOT including the traffic on my networks from my subscribers). I get from 1200 to 2400 CLICKS PER DAY! EVERY DAY! I bring in 20-50 NEW LEADS every day!

HOW? I have a TRAFFIC STRATEGY that strongly relies on traffic using SUPERNETWORKS!

Get a copy of my book – it is available on all my sites, “A Traffic Strategy”

Can you imagine what YOUR results could be? How many new subscribers YOU could be getting? How much more likely you are to be generating SALES?

SuperNetworks are an IMPORTANT element in the success of MY business. It could also help YOUR business.

My sites have SO MUCH MORE to offer, in ADDITION to SuperNetworks. Get ENGAGED, Get ACTIVE, and you WILL see RESULTS!


Rich Moyer


Still INCREDIBLE upgrade deals right now that allow you to get MONTHLY ADS and POINTS, EARN points from your REFERRALS, and EARN COMMISSIONS. Free members are missing out on SO MUCH!

I Received a Support Ticket…

I got a support ticket from a subscriber at Freedom Mails.

Q. We have over 500,000 credits. We wanted to send out a mailing, but were only authorized to mail 68. Why is there such a small allowance, when we have so many credits?

A. Freedom Mails is a small, start-up site that I “rescued” from an owner who had little experience, and was having a hard time. When I took it over, there were 35 members.

Right now, there are only 68 active members on Freedom Mails. With only a few members in so many of the smaller sites, your strategy should be to PROMOTE THE SMALL SITES and build YOUR downlines, then encourage YOUR REFERRALS to do the same.

Post your ONSITE Ads: banners, buttons, text ads. Post your favorite programs in the Residual Builder. Join all the sites in the Downline Builder and update with your affiliate ID or affiliate URL. In the Affiliate Tools section (may go by other names – it is where you find your referral ID and promo materials), utilize the splash pages on OTHER SITES to get referrals HERE. There are banners, ad copy, and many times, Tweets you can post, all with the purpose of “BUILDING YOUR LIST”. The more referrals you have on YOUR LIST, the more YOUR ADS will be seen.

How to Get a Larger Audience For Your Ads

Why aren’t my Surf Sites Getting Any Views or Hits?

This was an actual support ticket…

Ah, what we are dealing with is member behavior.   I have some sites that are good with banners, some with solos, some with login ads.  These are “onsite” behaviors.  People who surf tend to go to Traffic Exchanges because they get higher rewards.

The majority of my members are “email surfers” –  they don’t login to the site. This may be due to more mobile devices and old scripts that are not “responsive”.
I am trying to do some “behavior modification” by making certain ad types more valuable.  Higher prices for Solo ads, emphasis on SuperNetwork Ads, emphasis on the Daily Bonus (money on the table – so little used).  and Login rewards.
Attractions like the Advertising Mini-Menu, YL Blog, Ad Status, new onsite ad types like Billboards, Blocks, AdsPlus.  Live Chat, My List, videos, the Manual, member pages, promo codes (BTW, you might be missing a few – there are some hidden that you must look for,,,)
I recommend in my book to “scope out” the different ad types on a site: use what works, ignore the ones that don’t.  Some of the best sites I use personally for solos are the worst for banners,  but one of my sites,, has double digit CTRs for banners.  Login ads are flatlined.
The key as an owner is to change these behaviors, but that takes a long time,.  (Did you know that 2 of my sites double surf points of SuperSolos at Happy Hour?)
I hope this helps you understand why safelists are more than sitting back and collecting the rent,,,



The Paypal Wars

I wanted to let all of my subscribers know that, while Paypal has not given me notice, I expect it is inevitable that Paypal will drop my account.  I had taken preemptive moves to ensure business continuity.

All of my businesses are either converted to alternative payment processors or are in progress.  I intend to use the following methods to accept payments and pay commissions:

  • Payza – for purchases and commissions
  • Solid Trust Pay (STP) for commissions only
  • BitCoin/CoinBase – for payments and commissions
  • my own merchant account to accept credit and debit cards – payments only


While I am still feeling the sting of the losses I experienced at Payza’s last temper tantrum, Payza is in place for most of my sites right now.  Most on-site purchases can be made using Payza payment buttons now.


Payza charges exhorbitant fees compared to Paypal, and they do not play nice with credit card companies and US banks. The only way I can transfer money in or out of Payza is using Bitcoin/Coinbase – all the credit card and bank transactions to load my ewallet fail, and Payza is just deflecting by fingerpointing. 

Be sure you join Payza, add your credit card or bank account, then get the necessary verifications as soon as possible.  You will have to transfer money into your eWallet or use authorized credit cards.

Solid Trust Pay 

STP also charges fees for everything.  Like Payza, you must transfer money using an eWallet.  There are no payment buttons available so STP will be used as a last resort to do person-to-person transfers only.


Coinbase is the eWallet that front-ends BitCoin.  Verifications are required to transfer money in or out of the CoinBase eWallets.  Once it is set up, it works very nicely.  I am developing an On-site solution using CoinBase Payment Buttons for Commissions Unleashed.  It will implemented first on CU as a proof of concept, then expanding to the rest of my sites.  Site owners are interested in my implementation, and would expect this same solution to appear on many of your favorite sites. 

So, that is the current status.  I will keep you informed of progress. 

Rich Moyer
Giant Profit Ads
Mad Cow Ads
Commissions Unleashed
Your Lucky Fast Cash
Freedom Mails

Never Miss a Referral Again

If you are NOT taking advantage of Downline Builders in Safelists, START NOW!
It takes some time to do, but the REFERRALS you get are WORTH IT!  If you use Down Line Builder Caddy (DLB Caddy), it gets easier every single time because
you are building up the DLB Caddy database.
I am a member of literally HUNDREDS of safelists that have Downline Builders that I have ignored.  Now, with DLB Caddy, I am going BACK to these sites, and it now takes me MINUTES to update ALL of those Downline Builder sites.
I have put extensive effort into all 8 of my sites to provide a robust, diversfied list of sites for you to join.  Out of the literally hundreds of safelist I joined and USE, these are the best of the best – MY Goto List!
Get DLB Caddy, and encourage your DOWNLINES to get it too!
Go grab it now – I guarantee you’ll never fill in downline builders without it again.
Rich Moyer

11 Do you know the secret of success in network marketing?

Q. Do you know the secret of success in network marketing?
A. Promote Promote Promote

Q. What should you promote?
A. Promote Freedom Mails

Q. Why Freedom Mails
A. Lots of reasons:

* Bring value to YOUR advertising membership

* Increase visibility of YOUR ads – More eyes on YOUR ADS yields More Prospects that can be turned into YOUR CUSTOMERS

* Build Your List so you can promote YOUR offers to YOUR Referrals with the REFERRAL MAILER

* Get referrals that earn credits and CASH

* Build your DOWNLINE in other programs with the DOWNLINE BUILDER
Q. How do I promote Freedom Mails?
A. Join safelists, traffic exchanges, classified boards, banner exchanges. For every safelist you join:
* Check Out the One-Time-Offers – They are usually great bargains for upgrades, which then give you free ads every month.

* First be sure to update your profile with your Paypal or Payza ID.

* Be sure to update your profile with your picture (not a gravatar or icon) – used on Splash Page #2

* Place a banner, button ad, text ad/traffic link/hot link, login ad

* Send a credit mail or solo ad.

* Add Freedom Mails to your FAVORITE SITES (usually in the Downline Builder section)

* Add your AFFILIATE ID or AFFILIATE LINKS to that Downline Builder.

* Update the Freedom Mails Downline Builder (under Member Tools)
Q. Where do I find Promo Materials?
A. In Member Tools|Referral Tools:

* Your Referral ID
* Your Splash Pages (I like Splash Page #2)
* Button Graphics 125×125
* Banner Graphics 468×60
* Login Ad Graphics 600×300
* Ad copy for Safelists
* Tweets
Q. Where do I promote Freedom Mails?
A. I could recommend sites I personally use to promote my OWN sites and programs

* Other sites in our Adverting Community
* GiantProfitAds, MadCowAds, FreedomMails,, CommissionsUnleashed, YourFastCash, and ExtremeQuality-Solos

* Cross promote within our group of sites. Why? All the reasons above – gain more visibility for your ads to an ACTIVE community of Buyers.

* Take advantage of Promotions ( that give you huge discounts, bonuses, and incentives to get upgraded LIFETIME memberships and monster ad packs

* Take advantage of the wide variety of SUPERNETWORK ADS to give you the extended reach for your ads.
* SuperNetwork Ads go to tens of thousands of VERIFIED MEMBERS for a small price.

* All SuperNetwork ads on the sites in OUR ADVERTISING COMMUNITY are offered at the MINIMUM ALLOWABLE PRICE.

* Other Instant Commission Sites
* These are great advertising sites that drive tons of traffic to your ads

* Fantastic OTO\’s after joining with upgrades and huge ad packs, promo codes

* Earning opportunity. Take the OTO for GOLD membership and earn 50% of Sales.

* So many different ONSITE and EMAIL options that substantially increase the effectiveness of your ads.

So, what are you waiting for?



I\’m here to help. I was a professional consultant for 20 years of my corporate life, and I\’ve had my own consulting firm since 1996 that helped small businesses get started. Now that I am retired – I DO THIS FOR FREE!

Send in a support ticket to set up an appointment TODAY.

Rich Moyer


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