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I Received a Support Ticket…

I got a support ticket from a subscriber at Freedom Mails.

Q. We have over 500,000 credits. We wanted to send out a mailing, but were only authorized to mail 68. Why is there such a small allowance, when we have so many credits?

A. Freedom Mails is a small, start-up site that I “rescued” from an owner who had little experience, and was having a hard time. When I took it over, there were 35 members.

Right now, there are only 68 active members on Freedom Mails. With only a few members in so many of the smaller sites, your strategy should be to PROMOTE THE SMALL SITES and build YOUR downlines, then encourage YOUR REFERRALS to do the same.

Post your ONSITE Ads: banners, buttons, text ads. Post your favorite programs in the Residual Builder. Join all the sites in the Downline Builder and update with your affiliate ID or affiliate URL. In the Affiliate Tools section (may go by other names – it is where you find your referral ID and promo materials), utilize the splash pages on OTHER SITES to get referrals HERE. There are banners, ad copy, and many times, Tweets you can post, all with the purpose of “BUILDING YOUR LIST”. The more referrals you have on YOUR LIST, the more YOUR ADS will be seen.

How to Get a Larger Audience For Your Ads

Why aren’t my Surf Sites Getting Any Views or Hits?

This was an actual support ticket…

Ah, what we are dealing with is member behavior.   I have some sites that are good with banners, some with solos, some with login ads.  These are “onsite” behaviors.  People who surf tend to go to Traffic Exchanges because they get higher rewards.

The majority of my members are “email surfers” –  they don’t login to the site. This may be due to more mobile devices and old scripts that are not “responsive”.
I am trying to do some “behavior modification” by making certain ad types more valuable.  Higher prices for Solo ads, emphasis on SuperNetwork Ads, emphasis on the Daily Bonus (money on the table – so little used).  and Login rewards.
Attractions like the Advertising Mini-Menu, YL Blog, Ad Status, new onsite ad types like Billboards, Blocks, AdsPlus.  Live Chat, My List, videos, the Manual, member pages, promo codes (BTW, you might be missing a few – there are some hidden that you must look for,,,)
I recommend in my book to “scope out” the different ad types on a site: use what works, ignore the ones that don’t.  Some of the best sites I use personally for solos are the worst for banners,  but one of my sites,, has double digit CTRs for banners.  Login ads are flatlined.
The key as an owner is to change these behaviors, but that takes a long time,.  (Did you know that 2 of my sites double surf points of SuperSolos at Happy Hour?)
I hope this helps you understand why safelists are more than sitting back and collecting the rent,,,



Check Out Your Viral Rotators

One Simple Change Takes 3 Minutes, gets Free Referrals
You probably don’t even know what you are missing!
Everybody throws around the term “Viral” but most people
don’t realize what it means.
According to Wikipedia:
Behavior like that of a virus, a small infectious agent, e.g.:
    • Viral marketing, the use of existing social networks to spread a marketing message
    • Viral phenomenon, relating to contagion theory or the “virality” of network culture
    • Viral video, a video that quickly attains a high popularity
In layman’s terms, leverage one ad to spread the word about another ad
All members at Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash  have this capability.  Of course, upgraded members have more Viral Rotators available to use.
Why would you want to use a viral rotator?
To promote your Commissions Unleashed or Your Lucky Fast Cash referral ID by showing an offer to get a free rotator as a member of Commissions Unleashed or Your Lucky Fast Cash, while promoting a list of other websites.
For instance.  I am a member of WebTraffic4U.  I have 10 splash pages to promote that site.  I create a new rotator at Commissions Unleashed, and add the URLs for each of those splash pages to the rotator I just created (total time to do this – 3 minutes)
Now, when I promote WebTraffic4U with a solo ad, banner, text ad, etc., I use the ROTATOR URL FROM Commissions Unleashed as the TARGET URL.
Now, every time someone clicks my ad for WebTraffic4U, they see a different splash page, but at the top of that screen (in the splash page header) is a BANNER for Commissions Unleashed inviting the VIEWER to get a free rotator.  THIS is coded with YOUR referral ID from Commissions Unleashed.  If someone signs up at Commissions Unleashed for the free rotator, YOU JUST GOT A REFERRAL!
This is FREE ADVERTISING that takes 2-3 minutes to set up, that allows you to leverage the promotions you do for the Primary Target URL in order to present another opportunity for someone to join Commissions Unleashed as YOUR Referral!
Check out my rotator.  Click this link to see my rotator, then click it again, and again to see how there splash page changes.
>>>>>  Click the Link 
See the Video Demonstration
Rich Moyer

Check Out the Re-Designed YourLuckyFastCash TAE

Check Out the Re-Designed YourLuckyFastCash
YourLuckyFastCash has gotten a facelift and many new featues, along with lower cost-of-entry pricing.
New Ways to Pay and Get Paid
While many TAEs (Text Ad Exchanges) are shutting down due to what I call, “the Paypal Wars”, I have taken a preemtive strike and have not only made it more attractive and affordable for newbies, or others who would not have considered the upgrade, but I am providing alternate payment method that make it easier to pay and get paid without Paypal.  I now accept Payza and Debit/Credit Cards WORLDWIDE.   Paypal had limitations imposed by some countries.  This barrier has been removed – if you have any major credit/debit card, you can now purchase upgrades or ads.


To encourage more subscribers, and entice new or existing Free members to upgrade to paid membership levels, the One-Time-Offer has dropped to only $7.00 USD for a LIFETIME SILVER membership.  Free members typically join and exhaust the new member ad and credit packages, then move on to the next shiny object.  

Honestly, I don’t want free members.  Most of the freebie seekers (FS) are AMATEURS that only click ads for points so they can litter the internet with their own useless offers.  They have no skin in the game and only promote those programs and products that require no personal investment of time and money.

Getting the FS to commit to a program is a great start.  While it is not exactly true loyalty, when they realize the benefits of paid memberships, and find a “sticky” site that gives them MONTHLY AD PACKAGES, presents so many on-site and email promotion choices, and TEACHES them how to best utilize all the featues of sites like Your Lucky Fast Cash, they are one square closer to the defiinition of “marketer”.  Free members do not receive monthly ad packages.

Pay Out and Payments

While “Instant Commissions” were necessarily eliminated with the treat of account restrictions by Paypal, and most recently Payza also, the move to Weekly Payments is a good compromize.  With direct member-to-member payments, the admin was relieved of the task of commission distribution.  Honestly, I’ve never had any problems paying out commissions – it’s one of the “Must Do’s” – part of the job.  I won’t have any reservations about paying out MORE commissions.  By lowering the one-time-offer price points for the first entry membership, there may be more commissions earned, but not paid out until the minimum payment threshold is met.


Even free members earn 20% of Sales.  New paid members at the Silver level earn 33% of Sales.  This is a different commission program than most because it is NOT a percenage of revenue, but a pass-up strategy.  

Free members earn 20% of sales.  Pass up 4 sales, and keep the fifth regardless of value of the sale they keep.

Silver members earn 33% of Sales. Pass up 2, keep 1 regardless of value

Gold members earn 50% of Sales.  Pass up 1, keep 1regardless of value.  Newly paid members are only one step away from Gold, but rather than being a total outlay of $17 as the point of entry for paid members, Free members upgrade to Silver for only $7, and get a taste of how powerful the pass-up commission structure is, and are more likely to do the upgrade to Gold, but now the total outlay is $30 for Gold level:  $7 OTO for Silver, and $23 for the Gold upgrade from Silver.

New and/or Improved Features

Not only is there a lower price point for the One-Time-Offer, but the OTO pages do a much better job of explaining all the benefits of joining and upgrading from Free member to Silver.  The OTO page shows the placement and effectiveness of the various ad types, enhances that presentation with a video tour of the offer and features, and includes the new Pictue Wall and many testimonials.  Internet Marketing giant Frank Salinas, my mentor and coach, not only brought his knowledge and experience to the site redesign and restructure, but his picture, and better-than-gold testimonial solidify the legitimacy of these offers.  

Usually, when Free members join a site, before they even get to look around, kick the tires, and evaluate the performance, they are pressured into making a business-affecting decision to upgrade and commit.  I WANT people to see all the great features.  I WANT people to kick the tires.  I WANT them to place some ads so they have a solid basis for the decision to upgrade.  That’s why I offer a Second Chance OTO.

Each paid membership level is presented with a custom Member Area that delivers site news with a scrolling marquee, free promo codes to other sites in our advertising community, and even traffic package bonuses.  

There are several new pages:

Order Ads – purchase ads using Debit/Credit cards without Paypal or Payza

Ad Status – shows how many ads from the member are posted, and how many of each ad type remain unused.  This is a quick snapshot that raises awareness, and helps all members realize how much “money on the table”. Many members have incredibly large number of un-used ads

Get Gifts – these are free offers from your SPONSOR.  It could be ebooks, reports, videos, traffiic or other programs.

The YLFC Blog page – new posts, the YLFC manual, and training Videos

New Mini-Menu – for quick navigation of the Advertising Page.  I myself get frustrated with page after page of purchase choices, and even more pages of your posted ads.  The mini-menu provides a direct jump to the purchase area for any particular item, or direct jump to the posting area for a specific ad trype.  At every ad typs on the page, there is a TOP link that jumps directly to the mini-menu..

Mini-Contest – we had our first mini-contest and we brought in more new members as a result.  Congratulations to Judy Daus and Gary Page – tied for 1st place. 
New Previews – some ad types, like Featured Ads, AdsPlus, Billboard, Headline, and Premium ads cannot be edited once submitted.  I have added Preview Buttons for many of these ad types so you can see what you are posting before you submit.  With Preview, you can make adustments, even to background colors, text colors, and subject line colors and highlights
SuperNetworks – my favorite way to reach tens of thousands of members across liteally dozens of sites with one inexpensive Solo ad without having to be an actual member of any of these sites.  One solo ad.  Two minutes, Thousands of eyes on your ads.  (I send out about 30 emails per day that are distributed to over 400,000 members and get from 1500 to 2400 clicks per day – in less than an hour.  Mostly SuperNetworfk Solos).
Come check out our “new and improved” site, and take advantage of the incredible Silver Member OTO, the huge ad package, and promo codes.  
Rich Moyer

New Ad Purchase Page with Credit or Debit Card – Paypal Alternative

New Credit Card Ad Purchase Page

November 6, 2016

In anticipation of the inevitable Paypal account restrictions, Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash are prepared.  One Stop Solos will be converted shortly

I will continue to use Paypal until officially notified that we can no longer use their services for purchases or payments.

However, there are alternatives in place right now:

1) Payza, used for both purchases and commission payments, and…

2) A brand new page that allows purchases with all major credit and debit cards.  Access this page using the “Order Ads” button, right below “Start Here” on the NAV menu.

I am also working on a Bitcoin solution.

Despite the turmoil being thrust upon the Home Business industry, I intend to take preemptive measures to ensure business continuity.


Be sure to update your profile with your Payza (formerly called Alert Pay) account information.  Payza accounts are free, and even though the verifications seem tedious and unnecessary, once you are verified transferring funds is painless.

We will persevere.  This has been the culmination of about 50 hours of programming to integrate merchant account payment buttons to allow me to accept credits.

Screen Shots
The New Order Ads Page
On the NAV menu, click the Order Ads button next to the ad type and quantity you wish to purchase

Credit Card Payment Page

Confirmation Page

Rich Moyer
Commissions Unleashed
Your Lucky Fast Cash
One Stop Solos
Owner and Admin

The Paypal Wars

I wanted to let all of my subscribers know that, while Paypal has not given me notice, I expect it is inevitable that Paypal will drop my account.  I had taken preemptive moves to ensure business continuity.

All of my businesses are either converted to alternative payment processors or are in progress.  I intend to use the following methods to accept payments and pay commissions:

  • Payza – for purchases and commissions
  • Solid Trust Pay (STP) for commissions only
  • BitCoin/CoinBase – for payments and commissions
  • my own merchant account to accept credit and debit cards – payments only


While I am still feeling the sting of the losses I experienced at Payza’s last temper tantrum, Payza is in place for most of my sites right now.  Most on-site purchases can be made using Payza payment buttons now.


Payza charges exhorbitant fees compared to Paypal, and they do not play nice with credit card companies and US banks. The only way I can transfer money in or out of Payza is using Bitcoin/Coinbase – all the credit card and bank transactions to load my ewallet fail, and Payza is just deflecting by fingerpointing. 

Be sure you join Payza, add your credit card or bank account, then get the necessary verifications as soon as possible.  You will have to transfer money into your eWallet or use authorized credit cards.

Solid Trust Pay 

STP also charges fees for everything.  Like Payza, you must transfer money using an eWallet.  There are no payment buttons available so STP will be used as a last resort to do person-to-person transfers only.


Coinbase is the eWallet that front-ends BitCoin.  Verifications are required to transfer money in or out of the CoinBase eWallets.  Once it is set up, it works very nicely.  I am developing an On-site solution using CoinBase Payment Buttons for Commissions Unleashed.  It will implemented first on CU as a proof of concept, then expanding to the rest of my sites.  Site owners are interested in my implementation, and would expect this same solution to appear on many of your favorite sites. 

So, that is the current status.  I will keep you informed of progress. 

Rich Moyer
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