A Changeable Ad Strategy

magiclistbuilderThe idea of popups is not new.  WorldProfit has been using the “Magic List Builder” for years to turn any webpage into a lead capture page by displaying a popup to capture the name and email of the prospect.  
The primary limitation is that the generated URL’s it creates cannot be modified.  Any parameters, like the URL of the target webpage are static, except for the pop-up window size that can be altered once the link is generated.
The downside to this is that when you are promoting your programs using ad types such as banners, buttons, login ads, etc., these ad types are meant to be around for a long time as  opposed to email ads that are one-shot and done (unless you use an autosubmitter).  I post my banners and other long term ads on literally hundreds of sites.  If you stop promoting a program, or they create a squeeze page du jour, it is a tremendous maintenance effort to figure out all the places you posted that ad.
You need a way to dynamically change those ads from one place.
I’ve come up with a solution: use an independent URL cloaker that allows you to modify the target URL at any time.  There are several free URL cloakers like ViralURL and TinyURL that allow changes.  I have my own ShortURL system that is branded to my domain: http://av.id.ly/  (yes that is a good URL like bit.ly).
First let me tell you how this works.  We will be defining SIX changeable URLs with our cloaker (for dynamic banners, buttons, and login ads in addition to the popup) :
  • PopBase1 is the Target URL – the URL of the primary webpage, only used in the Magic List Builder but defined to its real url in the cloaker
  • PopTarget1 is the URL that will point to the Magic List Builder cloaked URL.  This becomes your Target URL that you will promote
  • PopWindow1 is the URL of the pop-up ad (600×300 or can be adjusted) only used in the Magic List Builder but defined to its real url in the cloaker,  A Splash Page is recommended or a page that has a link that can be clicked.
  • PopBanner1 is the banner URL (468×60)
  • PopButton1 is the button URL (125×125)
  • PopLogin1 is the login ad graphic URL (600×300)
In our example, we will define a banner promotion within a typical safelist (the URLs exactly as written – they are case sensitive in most cloakers)
Banner Name:  popbase1 (doesn’t matter)
Banner URL: http://av.id.ly/PopBanner1
Target URL: http://av.id.ly/PopTarget1
In your cloaker, set up all but the PopTarget1 (because this will come from the Magic Link Builder).  For example in my cloaker http://av.id.ly/:

  • http://av.id.ly/PopBanner1 with the banner URL (468×60)
  • http://av.id.ly/PopButton1 with the button URL (125×125)
  • http://av.id.ly/PopLogin1 with the login ad graphic URL (600×300)
Now, in the Magic List Builder, create a new entry, using these parameters:
  1. Enter URL: http://av.id.ly/PopBase1
  2. Enter Link Name: Pop Base 1
  E.  Select the radio button for Any URL
       on the next line, type http://av.id.ly/PopWindow1
      on the next line, define the Width=600 and Height=300 (can change later)
       Select the radio button for Show Upon Page Visit
Click the Button Generate Capture Page URL
Find the newly generated Capture Page URL in the Magic List Builder
Right Click then Copy Link Location
In your cloaker, create an entry for PopTarget1 and paste the link location we just copied.
There you have it – a completely editable program definition with a popup ad that displays on when viewed.