Check Out Your Viral Rotators

One Simple Change Takes 3 Minutes, gets Free Referrals
You probably don’t even know what you are missing!
Everybody throws around the term “Viral” but most people
don’t realize what it means.
According to Wikipedia:
Behavior like that of a virus, a small infectious agent, e.g.:
    • Viral marketing, the use of existing social networks to spread a marketing message
    • Viral phenomenon, relating to contagion theory or the “virality” of network culture
    • Viral video, a video that quickly attains a high popularity
In layman’s terms, leverage one ad to spread the word about another ad
All members at Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash  have this capability.  Of course, upgraded members have more Viral Rotators available to use.
Why would you want to use a viral rotator?
To promote your Commissions Unleashed or Your Lucky Fast Cash referral ID by showing an offer to get a free rotator as a member of Commissions Unleashed or Your Lucky Fast Cash, while promoting a list of other websites.
For instance.  I am a member of WebTraffic4U.  I have 10 splash pages to promote that site.  I create a new rotator at Commissions Unleashed, and add the URLs for each of those splash pages to the rotator I just created (total time to do this – 3 minutes)
Now, when I promote WebTraffic4U with a solo ad, banner, text ad, etc., I use the ROTATOR URL FROM Commissions Unleashed as the TARGET URL.
Now, every time someone clicks my ad for WebTraffic4U, they see a different splash page, but at the top of that screen (in the splash page header) is a BANNER for Commissions Unleashed inviting the VIEWER to get a free rotator.  THIS is coded with YOUR referral ID from Commissions Unleashed.  If someone signs up at Commissions Unleashed for the free rotator, YOU JUST GOT A REFERRAL!
This is FREE ADVERTISING that takes 2-3 minutes to set up, that allows you to leverage the promotions you do for the Primary Target URL in order to present another opportunity for someone to join Commissions Unleashed as YOUR Referral!
Check out my rotator.  Click this link to see my rotator, then click it again, and again to see how there splash page changes.
>>>>>  Click the Link 
See the Video Demonstration
Rich Moyer