Clickbank Promotion Strategies

If you are open to learning how to get better results from Clickbank promotions, I would be happy to share what I have done.


Classifieds are different than a safelist so you MAY see results of direct Clickbank product promos, but I’ve found first, that you use a front-end to do lead capture, and that gives you the opportunity to do followup that TELLS rather than SELLS.

People rarely make a purchase decision on first exposure. It takes 7-11 exposures to move someone, even with a "buyer’s mindset" from Lead -> Prospect -> Customer.

I promote EVERYTHING with a landing page to do lead capture then use my autoresponders to tell them about features, benefits, reviews, how I use the products (I use what I sell), etc.

This accomplishes several things:

  • sets you apart from the thousands of others promoting the same product using the same corporate salespage
  • establishes your BRAND
  • builds YOUR list, not the company list
  • gives you that opportunity to do followup, and establish trust and credibility as the "expert"

Programs to Promote ClickBank Products

I use several programs to promote ClickBank products:
Payspree Sniper (with CBProAds and TrafficWave or AIOP)

Clickbank Passive Income (with Aweber) – I subscribe to the "outsource opportunity" (Co-Op) that delivers 15-25 new leads EVERY DAY.

CBPro Ads – (with TeamEliteHomeBusinesses) I recommend the one-time lifetime upgrade – complete storefront + Done-For-You ad copy targeted to CONSUMERS of the Clickbank products, not sellers (like you see on Clickbank)

CB Top Sites – similar to CBProAds)

Five Figure Day – (with Aweber) a Clickbank product to PROMOTE Clickbank Products

– WorldProfit ClickBank Promo Kit and CB Maximizer – join as a Silver Member – Done-For-You ad copy, landing pages and salespages

– My WorldProfit Website – I have a Clickbank Store on my website

Where to Promote

If you need places to promote, do not promote PRODUCTS on safelists or traffic exchanges, but BUILD YOUR LIST on safelists, then promote your products to YOUR LIST. I own 12 safelists and, ClassyAdsProfits,

I also own a free membership site to help you develop your business plan: GrabThoseLeads

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