OTO Means One-Time-Offer – Non-negotiable

OTO Restrictions

This is a one-time-offer for LIFETIME GOLD membership, is only good immediately after signup.  It is offered only ONCE.  The system has IP and other anti-cheat tracking that ensures that this offer will not be presented again.


I received a Support ticket expressing confusion about the “Lifetime Gold Founder” membership OTO offered during Pre-Launch at CommissionsUnleashed.  The membership level referenced was NOT “Founders level”, but Lifetime Gold.    This may help clear up some confusion.


New Pricing Post-Launch

Effective Post-Launch on January 1, 2016, the prices and offers have changed.  

Because we want you to be in a better EARNING POSITION, we are offering the GOLD level as the entry point on the OTO.  We felt that by keeping the same affordable $17 price point, and still offering a monthly allocation of ads and 50% earning opportunity, by being diligent with promotions, you can start to build your downline with BUYERS who understand the opportunity and are willing to INVEST in their future success using this business model.  So, here is how the OTO will work:

When you join as a free member, you accept the OTO of Lifetime GOLD membership for $17.

There are 5 membership levels:

  • Free
  • Silver
  • Gold  <—
  • Platinum
  • Founder

Founder level membership on the OTO path requires purchase of the starter level GOLD membership for $17, then jumps to Platinum for $97, then Founder for $197 for a total outlay of $311, a savings of $354.95 over normal prices.

Once the OTO has been declined, regular pricing, the “inside” pricing, is in effect, or other promotional offers if presented.  

About Membership Levels


As a free member you do not get a monthly allocation of ads and points, and you could only earn 20% of the opportunities for commission.  You pass up 4 sales to the admin or Founder in your upline, then you get to keep the 5th sale, regardless of value.

The Silver level gives you a monthly allocation of ads, and you earn 33% of the opportunity for Commissions (you pass up 2 sales to the admin or Founder in your upline, then you get to keep the 3rd sale, regardless of value).  

As a GOLD member, you earn 50% of the opportunity for commissions from upgrades and ad purchases made by your referrals. The first sale is passed up to the admin or Founder in your upline, then you get the next sale.  It alternates so that you get EVERY OTHER sale, regardless of value. As a Gold member, you get a larger allocation of monthly ads, and so many more advantages.  The Silver membership is a starter level but the Gold membership is clearly a great bargain and positions you in a good earning position.. 

The Platinum level is a premium, income earning level that earns 75% of the opportunities for commissions.  The admin or Founder in your upline gets the first sale passed up, and you get the next THREE sales regardless of value. 

Going to the Top: the Coveted Founders Level

The Founders Level membership gets 100% of the sales, including those that would have been allocated to the Admin.  With similar OTO pricing, Founders level positions are available at other Team Elite Home Businesses sites, and more sites are being added almost weekly. I own two of these sites: CommissionsUnleashed and YourLuckyFastCash, and have purchased Founders level memberships at approximately 20 other sites.
>>>>> http://av.id.ly/tehbsites

I hope this clears up the confusion.  

Rich Moyer

Owner and Admin


This is for reference only and not an extension of an offer.