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One way to make money online is by creating and selling eBooks. The eCourse, Creating & Selling eBooks, is delivered through email, with one installment per week. There will be other messages relevant to that theme delivered occasionally, but they may also include “Free Stuff”, or offers of some inexpensive or reasonably priced, quality eBooks.  

Here is the syllabus of the eCourse:

  Creating & Selling eBooks  

  • How To Write An Outline For Your Book Idea – Show how to create an outline for writing your book from and why it’s important to making writing easier.


  • 7 Ways To Write Quickly – Share seven ways (any will do) on writing quickly and how to speed up the writing process.


  • Using Interviews To Add More Content To Your Book – Explain how to contact and interview an expert in your field. Cover interviewing techniques and how to ask effective questions. Also talk about integrating the interview into your book.


  • The Importance Of Proof Reading & Spell Checking – Talk about proof reading and editing and why it’s important to the final look of the product. Discuss how to find and hire a professional to work on your product.


  • Creating A Sales Site For Your Ebook – Discuss some basic sales letter techniques to create a sales page for your book. Discuss graphics, testimonials and how to use each effectively.


  • Setting Up An eBook Affiliate Program – Go over using click bank to setup an affiliate program for your ebook. Tell how to do it, and also talk about how to create sales tools such as e-mails and ads for affiliates to use.


  • How To Find People To Promote Your Ebook – Talk about using search engines to find sites that you can contact to promote your product. Also discuss how to write a JV letter to get the site owner interested.


  • Adding Bonuses To Add Value – Talk about reports and eCourses as bonuses and how easy and fast they are to create. Discuss perceived value and how to increase it with bonuses. Also cover strategies for fast action like limited time bonuses or bonuses only available to the first 100 customers, etc.


  • Getting Testimonials To Create Trust – Tell how to get testimonials for your product by asking people to review your product for free in exchange for an honest testimonial you can use on your site. Talk about using pictures, video and audio in your testimonials. Also cover why testimonials create more trust and credibility.


  • Generating Organic Traffic With Articles – Tell how to write articles to promote your site and how to submit them to article directories to get traffic to your site.


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