Do I Owe You an Upgrade?

Do You Want Two Upgrades for the Price of One?

I have been offering a free Lifetime Top-Level Upgrade at WebcastSource for subscribers in my downline who upgrade to paid memberships in any of the following programs:

  • WorldProfit Silver or Platinum VIP
  • Team Elite Home Businesses Gold, Emerald, Ultimate
  • Your Viral List Premium (90 day or Lifetime)
  • Your Viral Traffic Premium (90 day or Lifetime)
  • Your Viral Mailer Premium (90 day or Lifetime)
  • 10X Mailer Premium (90 day or Lifetime)
  • Hotlist Mailer Premium (90 day or Lifetime)
  • 100 Percent Mailer Premium (90 day or Lifetime)
  • Leads 2 Cash Gold or higher
  • Critical Mass Ads Gold or Higher
  • Viral Cash Multiplier Gold or Higher

WebcastSource is a unique site – a carbon copy of Quantum Safelist, the "mothership" of the massive WorldProfit Network. WebcastSource is not only a safelist, but also a traffic exchange that takes a "snapshot" of your website. These snapshots appear on the WorldProfit Marketplace site.

Here is what you get as a Lifetime member at WebcastSource:

  • Email 5,000 Random Members every 3 days. No credits required.
  • Lifetime Members get a Free MegaPLR Store with 200 Items to Use, Give Away, or Sell
  • Double Digit CTRs on Banner and Text Ads.
  • Over 23,000 members on the WorldProfit SuperNetwork see YOUR ads
  • Just for joining you get:
    => 1,000 Exchange guaranteed visitors in the traffic exchange
    => 25 Exchange Sites Entries in the traffic exchange
    => 20,000 Safelist credits for banners, text ads

    You earn both Visitor Credits and Safelist Credits for referrals.
    => 100 Exchange guaranteed visitors for referrals
    => 1000 Safelist credits to refer anyone that joins under you.

  • Lifetime Members Get 200,000 Safelist Credits & 2,500 Exchange Visitor Credits Per Month
    • PLUS: Special Upgrade Bonus: 50,000 Safelist Credits & 5,000 Exchange Visitor Credits
  • Solo Ads to over 9,000 Members are only $3.00 Each.
    • Bulk pricing is available: 10 Solos for $8.95
    • The SAME SOLOS at Quantum Safest cost $5.00 each
  • WebcastSource Lifetime membership would cost only $29.95 if you were not an upgraded member at the programs above.
    • The SAME MEMBERSHIP at Quantum Safelist costs $49.95

If you have upgraded and have not joined WebcastSource, join here

If you have not received your free upgrade, send me an email to:

Include the following information

  • Program name from the list above
  • Your full name
  • Your userid at that site
  • Your email at that site if different
  • Your user number at WebcastSource



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1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
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