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  • Identity Theft
  • Data Backup
  • Reseller Opportunity

Identity Theft

First, Identity Theft is running wild.   If you think you are immune, think again.   A new case is reported every 21 seconds in the US, and only 16%-64% of cases are actually reported.
The largest and most popular identity theft company is being investigated by the FTC.  For $10 to $29 per month (per adult), they do monitor your credit, but if you are compromised, they hand you a pack of papers, and say good luck.
With Safe ID Trust, you file a police report, assign Power of Attorney to SafeIDTrust, and they will restore your credit, and make you whole up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS.   They will represent your interests in law suits and prosecution of the violators.
Safe ID Trust covers a FAMILY of up to EIGHT FAMILY MEMBERS for $24 per month!  An AFFORDABLE solution for Protection YOU NEED.

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Protect Your Data

First, let's get your DATA stored OFFSITE and PROTECTED.  External hard drives and memory sticks can walk away with a burglar, be stolen in airports, even taken by porters and baggage handlers, AND it's hardware.  I had my primary business laptop and 3 external drives in the past year "brick" - complete hardware failure.  If I would not have had GotBackup, my data would be GONE.  My business would be GONE.  My photos would be GONE.   Unlimited Cloud Storage for an incredibly low price.

Check out the details:

So, now we have solved the first problem, realize that Safe ID Trust cannot restore your electronic files, pictures, videos, or business records if they are damaged.


Data Backup for All Your Devices – GotBackup

In my case, it was nothing malicious, just a hardware failure.  GotBackup Saved My Business (true story).  GotBackup restored 100% of my data, business records, tax records, personal documents, and personal photos (some irreplaceable).
Unlimited, Secure Cloud Storage.  For all your devices.  If you can plug it into a USB port, point GotBackup to that "virtual drive" and your devices, such as smartphones, tablets, external USB drives, will be backed up.  Your pictures are uploaded Full Format - not compressed like Google or Facebook.
Once your data is uploaded to the Cloud, it is accessible BY YOU from any internet connection with a browser.

Reseller Opportunity – GotBackup

Start your business today for $1 as a reseller of GotBackup.  Get one month for free.  
Why become a reseller?  100% Commission, Residual Income, and 92% Retention Rate.
This is a SOLID business, with done-for-you lead capture pages, autoresponder followup messages, training, and everything you need.  One approach that works very well: just invite your GotBackup prospects or potential reseller signups to a free webinar.  The GotBackup executive team  will do the selling for you.  Great comp plan, fantastic support from a team you Know, Like, and Trust, from the CEO on down.
With this approach, you Tell, Don't Sell.  Just tell them a story (like mine) and invite them to the webinars.
After the first month, the reseller fee is $19.95.  You should really be a consumer of the products you sell, so to get GotBackup for yourself is about $8 per month (there are other plans available too).  
For every sale, YOU get about 80% RESIDUAL INCOME for EACH MONTH that customer subscription is active.  Three sales and you are IN PROFIT!  The probability of getting a continuously building residual income is very high - a 92% retention rate for customers of GotBackup over one year!  (Industry average is in the 10%-20% range for software products).

Reseller Opportunity – Safe ID Trust

You absolutely NEED this.  Covers a family of 8 for $24 per month ($5 less than the "other guys" that are being investigated).  This is your "autoship".
See the reseller website for details.

  Bottom Line
 We're not talking about another product that interests only other internet marketers.   EVERYBODY NEEDS BOTH THESE PRODUCTS!

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