Do You Have A Time-Sensitive Campaign?

One of the most annoying, and frustrating things in network marketing are artificial deadlines, and massive “releases”. I get it. I understand. It’s a “gravity” issue – there is no changing it.

What I can do to help.

As a network marketer myself, if for no other reason, these “events” do generate LOTS of traffic, and require a certain amount of attention to timing issues.

As a network marketer, there is nothing more annoying than putting forth the effort to have ads lined up, ready to go, and you push the button the second you are allowed to release your promos, only to realize that the administrators of your advertising venues only approve ads every 24 to 48 hours, so all the work you did up front is for naught.

As a system administrator, I get it. I WANT to help you get your promotions released and distributed ON TIME.

PLEASE submit a support ticket so we can discuss it!

  • I will help YOU understand the lead times, and distribution timeframes (many of which I have no control over).
  • I can recommend the best places to promote, and will help you research and acquire resources.
  • I can facilitate bulk purchases and
  • I can help you develop a PLAN (you know, like PROFESSIONAL marketers do – I did planning, project management and consulting for a living).
  • I will help you set up your timeline, and
  • I will ensure that your ads are submitted and approved on time (at least for the resources I control).

THIS is how the PROS DO IT!

This is how the PROS MAKE MONEY! I’m here to be a PARTNER IN YOUR SUCCESS!

Rich Moyer