Do You Have What It Takes?

Do You Have What It Takes?
There is a saying … “It takes money to make money.”
That used to be true, but for most people what it really takes to succeed is courage.
The courage to keep doing what it takes, even when you are not sure if it will get you the result you want.
You can accomplish your goals, even if you don’t start with money. It is just going to take longer. It isn’t impossible … just slower.
I like this saying by Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach.
“Successful people still have fear. Fear is wetting your pants. Courage is still doing what you need to do with wet pants.”
Do you have the courage to keep going just one more day … then another … then another? Keep constantly looking at the results you are getting and changing your approach to improve those results.
If so, then you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
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