Don’t Have Anything to Promote?

You are just getting started, learning about network marketing, you don’t have tons of money, and you don’t have anything to promote.  At least you don’t realize that you don’t have anything to promote, but there is more to promote than you realize.
One of the best values I have found is to provide your prospects with a good place to advertise that is within their budget, and provides quality traffic. 
Sure, you can market Clickbank products, or another affiliate offer, but even with these, you will never get a sale without traffic.
Safelists are a great place to advertise.  Most have a startup Ad Package, usually through a Promo Code, that allows even free members to get started, then graduate to upgraded membership positions, and consider paid advertising through SuperNetworks. 
You just defined your Product to Promote: TRAFFIC
You just defined your TARGET AUDIENCE.  Network Marketers who need traffic to promote THEIR programs.
You also just defined the business you are in…
  • If you say selling memberships to safelists, or selling traffic, you are WRONG. In fact, you are NOT SELLING ANYTHING!
  • If you are doing network marketing, the ONLY thing you are doing on safelists and traffic exchanges is BUILDING YOUR LIST!
Once you have prospects ON YOUR LIST, then, and only then, can you SELL to them,  but it is not that easy.  You first have to gain their trust, let them get to know you, and give them something THEY care about.  In this case, it is most likely information about your product or service which happens to be TRAFFIC (looking beyond just a safelist membership).  You always have to consider the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) from that prospect’s perspective.  It takes between 7 and 11 EXPOSURES to a product, service, or concept for a prospect to “GET IT”.   This is where a carefully crafted AUTORESPONDER CAMPAIGN comes into play.
There are still some things missing though: let’s get the complete picture of your sales funnel.
Here’s is how that would go.
  1. You need AD COPY to attract prospects to click on a link that takes them to a LANDING PAGE
  2. You need a LANDING PAGE to capture their name, email address, and other information (like phone number, address, etc. depending on the product or service.
  3. You need an AUTORESPONDER system that automatically takes care of sending messages to prospects on your list.
  4. You need to define AUTORESPONDER MESSAGES (in the form of email newsletters) that provide the necessary information and exposure
  5. You need an affiliate ID that redirects those prospects to the sales page or sign-up page.
  6. You need a follow-up strategy that may include a personalized follow-up email or phone call welcoming them to your newsletter
Let’s Put It All Together, starting with the PRODUCT
I own three safelists, and have fantastic bonus packages just to join, and also to upgrade.  You need to be a member to promote as an affiliate, and these sites offer three different membership levels:  Free, JV, and SuperJV (SJV).  To get the most benefit from your product, you can start out at the FREE level, but you will want to upgrade to optimize the benefits YOU get from bringing referrals onboard.
Lifetime memberships at Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads are only $67 for JV, or $97 for SJV each site.  I recommend going for the highest membership level you can afford because the upgrade bonus packages are tremendous, and paid members get a nice monthly allocation of ads and points.  Upgraded members also get higher point values for viewing ads, and huge benefits for bringing in referrals.
Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads have SuperNetwork ads that can be purchased through the  Advertise Here page that are the lowest allowable prices on the internet.  SuperNetwork Ads extend your reach to dozens of other partner safelist sites that have tens of thousands of members.  This is the best value to reach thousands of opt-in members. is a little different than the other two sites, in that it is a hybrid safelist and traffic exchange.  The advantages here are the connections to the huge WorldProfit SuperNetwork.   There are three membership levels:  Free, Pro ($9.95 per month) and Lifetime ($97 one-time cost – best value).  You can send member-to-member list mail to 500, 2500, or 5000 members every 3 days.  Solo ads go to over 7900 contact email ids.  
Paid members get a monthly ad package, and the paid members get a free MEGA PLR Store with over 200 items that can be used, sold, or given away as a bonus to entice referrals.  Lifetime members also get a 38 module comprehensive network marketing training program for free!
Look beyond the onsite member count to get the big picture:  
  • Place your onsite ads: banners, buttons, hot links, traffic links, and login ads.
  • Place your email ads: banners, hot links, solo ads
  • Define your websites.
  • Complete the extensive Downline Builder (join at least one new site per day)
  • Send SuperNetwork Ads every day.

So you now have your primary product.  Let’s get signed up, and get all the bonuses.

>>>>> So You Need Traffic?

Landing Pages, Autoresponders
For one lifetime fee of $7.00 USD, you can get a world-class lead capture, prospect manager, and autoresponder system called Team Elite Home Business.  TEHB contains dozens of done-for-you campaigns.  
Click this link to sign up for the Team Elite Home Business Autoresponder
Done-For-You Autoresponder Campaigns Designed Specifically for these Safelists
Click HERE to go to my blog, where you can copy/paste from each post into your autoresponder messages.
Next Steps (beyond the scope of this post)
  • In TEHB, in Affiliate Programs, update your affiliate IDs for Giant Profit Ads, Mad Cow Ads, and (at the bottom of the list)
  • In TEHB, in Capture Pages, click Settings, then Manage Contacts Groups and add groups GiantProfitAdsMadCowAds, and WebcastSource-net
  • Create the Capture Page for each safelist.  Set the Contact Group to the corresponding Contact Group you just created with APPEND, and the redirect URL set to your affiliate ID for the corresponding site.    Save it, then in My Capture Pages click the thumbnail and grab the URL (you will need this for the link in your ad copy).
Test, Test, Test
  • Be sure your funnel works properly:
  • Click the link in your ad.  It should take you to your Capture Page.  
  • You should get the opt-in message in your email so confirm.  
  • You should be redirected to the safelist site.
  • You should get a confirmation email announcing you have a new opt-in subscriber.