EasyCash4Ads – Amazing Splash Pages

Hi this is Rich Moyer and I just want to do a real quick walk through of EasyCash4Ads.
This is a great program.
This is this is one of those programs that is just going to keep keep giving you the $19 payments over and over again.
It is really a nice little program and they have probably the most innovative squeeze pages I’ve ever seen.
I’m going to just walk you through a rotator here to show you some of these now
With the rotator I use, this pops up with a new splash page every time I click the address bar.
What I’ve done on mine is to actually put a pop-up over it, where it allows the viewer to actually sign up right here
Look at that detail. Look at how these images just jump out at you. This is probably one of the most unique programs I’ve seen for innovative and thought provoking squeeze and splash pages. It’s just amazing some of the things they came up with. You can’t avoid looking at them.
They get you to sign up for this just to get to squeeze pages
I just want to show you some of the things that they have here. I think is about 15 or 16 pages so I’m just going to keep rotating through some of the cutest and craziest things
  • Surfing a cow
  • A dog pulling out of its skin
What I’m using is just a simple rotator from one of my favorite safelists, an Instant Commission site called CommissionsUnleashed.  As a Founder/Co-Admin member, I earn 100% commissions.  All members earn commissions (even free members) but the Gold membership offered on the 2nd Chance OTO is a HUGE bargain that allows you to earn 50% of Sales.
By using the safelist rotator, there is a banner or link at the top of the page embedded with YOUR affiliate ID for the safelist, so if someone grabs a free rotator using that link, YOU get a referral!
It’s Rich Moyer
Thanks for your attention and I really do want what you sign up for EasyCash4Ads if nothing more than to get the splash pages and squeeze pages