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I have been using this really cool voice broadcast software program called Call Loop.
I use it several ways but I find this technique to be the most effective:
I have some purchased leads (from several different sources) who indicated they had an interest in starting a home based business.  One afternoon, I sent about 10 of those leads a pre-recorded message.
In that message, I state that this is NOT A SALES CALL.
  • I tell them that I am a consultant (I am, but retired) and that there is NO CHARGE for my services.
  • I state that I want to talk with them to find out their interests ideas, and see if we can get them started for little or no money at first.  
While it took several days for the calls to come in, I had 6 of those leads call back.
  • Two thanked me for my offer to help, but they were not interested AT THIS TIME (I did ask if I could contact them at a later date, and put them on my calendar as a reminder to follow-up).
  • I got to speak with 4 others.  We had some great conversations, and 2 agreed to a follow-up call in about a month.  They verified their email address, and I sent them an email with some free resources (ebooks and blogs) .  Two signed up for one of my newsletters that delivers 400 days of Home Business tips to their inbox.
  • One of those leads actually signed up for a one dollar 7 day trial, and before the 7 days was up, she signed up for a program in which I earn about $40 a month in residual income.
While these results may not be typical, I have had several days with I had similar results.
Other ideas:
  • Invitation to webinars
  • Product update and upgrade announcements
  • This is a great way for you to collect people’s information when speaking from stage.  I had several sign up from their cellphones to my Google Voice voicemail before the end of the meeting. I then used Call Loop to reply to them with the information they requested.
This service is incredibly CHEAP to use.  Another essential tool you should have in your marketing toolbox.
BTW, the best telephone sales scripts and training, along with 100 leads for life, can be found at MLM Recuit on Demand (MLMROD) for a one-time fee of $15.  Get this for the training. It is excellent.
To recap:
  • Call Loop is a great voice broadcast and SMS broadcast tool.
  • Google Voice has free voice mailboxes
  • MLM Recruit On Demand has the best telephone sales training and 100 leads for life
  • I get my most reliable leads from WorldProfit and TheConversionPros (must be a member of each) 
  • I have many resources – mostly free from WorldProfit and other sources, to share with interested prospects.

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