Exchange Basics

How Things Work at

I have said many times, is not only a hybrid, but has some unique features.


Promo Codes for Banner Ads, Text Ads, and Login Ads

Q. For instance, why not give away Banner Ads, Text Ads, and Login Ads as bonus and incentives, like with promo codes?

A. Here at, you can define UNLIMITED Banner Ads, Text Ads, and Login Ads.  Your SAFELIST CREDITS determine whether that ad is displayed or not.   You assign your SAFELIST CREDITS – it is not a fixed number of views as with most other safelists.

There are 3 ways to earn Safelist Credits
  • Open Emails sent to your Contact Email ID and List Email ID, and satisfy the countdown timer.
  • Administrator Bonuses and Promo Codes – Promo Codes can be found at Truckload of Ads, Exclusive Promo Codes, your daily Newsletter
  • Purchase Safelist Credits through the ORDER CENTER


Exchange Credits

The correct term for this would be Exchange VISITOR Credits.   You can have up to 25 websites defined in your Exchange site.  To activate the display of that website, YOU assign VISITOR CREDITS.  When you run out of VISITOR Credits, your website is PAUSED.   The way to activate a paused website is simply to ASSIGN VISITOR CREDITS.
To earn Exchange Credits click the SURF TO EARN CREDITS link – depending on your membership level, for every ad you view and satisfy the countdown timer, you are awarded the specified number of credits.
  • Your site will only be seen when you get credits for viewing other websites.
  • Just looking at the gallery of sites on one page will get you 9 viewing credits which can be used to start your traffic immediately.
  • If you click on sites you get click credits which are more valuable than viewing credits. 
The Mega PLR Store
This is a fully functional eCommerce site stocked with over 200 first quality items. 
All membership levels have access to purchase eBooks and courses at the Webcast Source Super Store, but that would be foolish for PAID MEMBERS since Pro or Lifetime members have a link called Free Webcast Source Vault Products where they can download these items for their own use, they can give them away as incentives to get signups, or they can SELL THEM.  
When a paid member signs up a referral, the link to Webcast Source Super Store is coded to their UPLINE’s Mega PLR Store!  If any of your referrals purchases an item from the Mega PLR Store, the SPONSOR (or Upline) is credited with the amount of the sale.
For more information see the Resource Page