Featured Ad Type – Solo Footer Ads

Again, I would like to pass on my favorite section of an admin newsletter I receive.  Thanks to  Steven Ackerman
Site Administrator at taenews@saemall.com

Featured Ad Type

This week I would like to talk about the Solo Footer Ads.

Solo Footer Ads are displayed at the bottom of every solo email sent out. Right under the credit link in bold print. These ads are rotated randomly until they gets 100 clicks. When a member clicks on one of these links, they will be taken to your website.

Solo Footer Ads consist of a title and two line of description that are limited to 50 characters each. The last box is where you add your link, which will hyperlink to your title. Be sure to write a title that will grab the attention of the email reader. Again, I like to use ###Hash Tags### for the title to draw attention to the link. 

TIP: When I am making new Solo Footer Ads, I like to open a blank note pad and type 50 capital X’s across the top to make sure the title and description lines are under the 50 character limit. Double check your footer ad before you submit because it cannot be edited once submitted.

Thank you so much Steve for your valuable tips.
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